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Cosmetic Dentist and Dental Treatments in Manchester

Cosmetic dentistry means different things to different people. Treatments can range from simply refreshing a person's smile to reconstructing missing, crooked, worn and discoloured teeth. At 360 dental Care, we consider the quality, individuality and long-term health of your teeth. This should be absolutely paramount for any cosmetic dentist. 

Manchester is our home, and our philosophy is simple: we help our patients achieve a healthy and comfortable mouth (teeth and gums) muscles and jaw all the while creating beautiful smiles in a comprehensive, yet minimally invasive way.

A smile makeover can range from simple teeth whitening and orthodontics, to veneers or a full mouth reconstruction with dental imlants. The list below provides information about the treatments on offer at 360 Dental Care, however, calling us to arrange a consultation will truly allow us to help you decide which treatment suits your needs and lifestyle. 

Creating naturally beautiful smiles that will last

People think cosmetic dentistry is invasive and expensive. Our philosophy however is to take great care in creating beautiful smiles that look natural, that are minimally invasive and that last! 

Take crooked or spaced teeth for example. Where some dentists might take the easy route, treating the problem with quick-fix veneers, we instead use simple invisible braces to move the teeth into the ideal position without anyone ever noticing. Combine this with tooth whitening and cosmetic bonding, and the result is minimally invasive and easy to maintain.

For patients that do require veneers, we have minimised the preparation required, which means we can preserve the healthy enamel.

At 360 dental care, we consider every single factor before treatment. However A the position of the teeth in relation to the jaw joints often gets neglected by other dentists. As the lower jaw is essentially hinged by the temporal-mandibular joints (TMJs), it makes sense to consider this when designing a smile. You wouldn’t replace the fascia of a door if the hinges are out of place. We ensure that the cause of headaches, clicking joints and grinding teeth are diagnosed and treated before creating your perfect smile.

Do your research

We strongly advise you ask your dentist for examples of their work and how they have achieved the end result. As an experienced Manchester cosmetic dentist, we know that any experienced dentists will take every opportunity to record their work for future reference.

Don't be afraid to ask for a recommendation from previous patients, ans ensure that you never leave a consultation with any unanswered questions about your cosmetic dental treatment.

Questions to ask before any cosmetic dentistry treatment

• What are the benefits and drawbacks of this treatment?

• How long will it be before I will have to replace the dental work done this time?

• Is there a more conservative option?

• How long will the treatment take?

About our in-house dentistry experts

Our cosmetic dentistry team in Manchester have travelled the world, undertaking extensive and advanced training with world leaders of cosmetic dentistry. They are perfectly placed to provide you with the latest treatments and ethical philosophies. They also teach and mentor other like-minded dentists to provide this level of care to their patients.  

Whatever treatment you undertake, we always recommend regularly visiting your dentist and the hygienist to review, maintain and protect your smile and investment. We would be more than happy to welcome you and discuss your individual needs at your initial consultation. 

Cosmetic dentist Manchester treatments

Here are just some of the most commonly used techniques and treatments in cosmetic dentistry...

Cosmetic Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is the use of white filling material which we use to change the shape of your teeth. It’s a great alternative to veneers for some patients and perfectly colour matched to your own teeth.


Crowns can be the answer to a whole host of dental issues that cannot be remedied by fillings, bonding or veneers alone.


Onlays are the modern solution to a dentist’s common tooth dilemma.


Dental veneers can help transform your smile; amending crooked, damaged or worn teeth straight away. However we take great care to protect your own teeth in the process.

White fillings

White fillings is the process of bonding a material called composite to your tooth. They can be used in any area of the mouth, blending in with your teeth so that they look invisible.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants can provide an effective solution to a missing tooth or teeth and are a great alternative to ill-fitting dentures. The result is a 100% natural looking smile. Find out how; Manchester Dental Implants.

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