8 Ways To Cut Down Your Sugar Intake

Ok so we all know that sugar is bad for our teeth, don’t we??? Well it is, it’s a fact!

Despite us knowing that sugar is not good for our teeth, sugar related dental problems are still the biggest cause of poor oral health and tooth decay.

The answer is pretty simple though – reducing the amount of sugar we have can help our teeth as well as our overall health, but sometimes cutting down is not so easy.

Tip 1) Breakfast: Are you having a sugary cereal for breakfast? Try swapping for a different cereal with a lower sugar content and remember not to add any extra sugar yourself. This small change could have a massive impact on your dental health.

Tip 2) Snacking: We all get that mid-morning urge to snack, and that’s fine – its normal, especially if we have gotten up early or exercised that day. The important thing to remember is to choose something healthy and sugar free. Instead of a biscuit, why not a handful of nuts.

Tip 3) Watch Out for ‘hidden sugars’: When we think of sugar we probably picture something we ‘add’ ourselves to our tea, or cereals or when baking, but there are many hidden sugars in lots of things we would not even think of. Sugar can go by many names and recognising them is the first step to avoiding them. There are loads but some to look out for are; sucrose, glucose, fructose, maltose, molasses, hydrolysed starch and corn syrup.

Tip 4) Fat Free: Just because something is marked as a healthy option or fat free it does not mean this is sugar free. For example fat free yogurts still contain high levels of sugars in the form of fructose or refined sugar.

Tip 5) Set a rule: Why not limit yourself to one sugar item per day. When it comes to our teeth it’s not only about how much sugar you eat , it’s how often you have it. It takes an hour for our mouth to return to a neutral state after eating or drinking and every time we have another mouthful that time starts again. So constant snacking on sugary things is not good at all.

Tip 6) Alcohol: Did you know that Alcoholic drinks account for 11% of the UK population’s daily intake of added sugar. If you cut down on your alcohol intake you will be helping your mouth as well as your health.

Tip 7) Replacing sugar: Why not try to enhance foods with spices instead of sugar. Try ginger, allspice, cinnamon or nutmeg.

Tip 8) Chocolate: It is probably a weakness to everyone I know, ‘ I cannot give up chocolate’ I hear you cry, well why don’t you switch to dark chocolate instead. Check out this web link to find out more on the health benefits of dark chocolate. https://blog.paleohacks.com/health-benefits-of-dark-chocolate/

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