Rebecca quit refined sugar – maybe you can too!

Rebecca quit refined sugar – maybe you can too!

Hi My name is Rebecca and I am a Hygienist at 360 Dental Care.

My journey of quitting sugar wasn’t easy in the beginning. It took a few failed attempts. It was a big effort as I like a cake or two. As you probably know sugar is additive so hard to give up some say as additive as heroin .

I failed a few times I would start the week with good intentions and last several days sometimes even weeks until something craved inside me and I would have a sugar binge , then feel guilty and start again wondering if I could every do it!

But eventually I did , my motivation came from having raised cholesterol I needed to reduced my saturated fats so decided, chocolate and cakes would have to go , as I’m an all or nothing person I though let’s give up all refined sugars.

Planning for the week ahead and preparing tasty, healthy meals stopped me binging on sugar, enjoying fruit after a meal instead of a biscuit or 3, definitely helped. Eventually you stop craving sweet things. Now I don’t’ even think about it at first I felt a bit light headed and sickly but after a few weeks these symptoms disappeared and now I definitely see the benefits such as weight loss , increased energy levels and no more sugar highs and lows, I have clearer skin and I feel my sleep has improved.


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