Greater Manchester Ultra

There are many studies that prove a healthy mouth, a healthy body and a healthy mind are all related. 360 Dental Care are fortunate to have staff members who are passionate about not only having a healthy mouth but also a healthy body and mind through exercise.

Here is Rebecca’s story (our dental hygienist) , she tells us about her first ultra-marathon experience……..

‘I’ve ran most of my life (well since the age of 9 ) various distance from 5k’s to marathons, then last year I decided to go further and run an ultra, what better one to start with than one on my doorstep in Oldham. As you can imagine being in Oldham it was never going to be flat! The course was quite varied from unmarked fields and boggy fells to a stretch along the canal.  The route isn’t marked  you are issued maps at each checkpoint for the next section so it’s best to revise the route if possible, unless you are a competent navigator (which I am ).

The race started at 7 am on a wet cold Sunday morning in March, which actually gave me a lie in, the past 6 months Sunday runs had begun at 6 am with a couple of friends. I ran the race with one of these friends.  The weather as well as the route was sometimes challenging, we endured several hours of snow, sleet , heavy rain and bog fests, not to mention falls , aches and pains and a couple of dog incidences!  This prepared us well for race day.  Which was a typical Manchester wet day and thankfully no snow to deal with as well.

The race was a pretty small field 94 starters and only 89 finishers.  The first half of the race is flattish  with a few spikes , the real hills come in the second half, some of which we had to walk.  Normally the downhill are a welcomed break, but by miles 30 with aching knees this was not the case.  We finished in a fairly respectable time of 9 hr 29 mins , and joint 3rd lady.  With 6 check point along the way there’s enough fuel to keep you going.  The race is really friendly as ultras generally are so I’m told. It was a well organised and enjoyable event and so I decided to enter it again this year, the training this year hasn’t been quite as good as last year so I’m not sure I will improve on last year’s time. If you are considering an ultra and you want a race that’s not too technical I highly recommend the Oldham way ultra.


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