Feeling Empowered

Hi, my name is Jay and I’m a Dental Nurse/Treatment Coordinator at 360 Dental Care. My get healthy mind set started around 4/5 years ago. I was pretty happy, enjoyed going out most weekends with friends drinking and eating nice foods.

It was only when my mum had got married to my now step father that I realized something needed to change, I’d watched back on the videos taken of this precious day and I didn’t even recognise myself. I was a size 18, sometimes buying size 20 clothes just so they didn’t cling to my lumps and bumps. I was scared about being a newbie to the gym life (as I’m sure most people are at first!) so instead I started with some local Zumba classes, which really built up my confidence, I met some lovely ladies doing this too, this then led to me joining up with some other exercise classes and along with eating relatively healthy and not drinking alcohol every weekend the weight dropped off me!

I had got down to a size 12 and even though I was looking so much better I was still so focused on losing more weight, it was around this time I met my current boyfriend, and he introduced me to Crossfit (which focuses on constantly varied functional movements – it’s awesome, Google it!!) It also empowers strong women and not so much on being what your body looks like and more of what your body and mind can do, and it totally changed my mind set. I started this 2 years ago, and in that time I’ve taken part in my first 10k run and half marathon, a 10k very muddy obstacle course and numerous Crossfit competitions.

I still eat cake, drink wine and enjoy meals out or the occasional takeaway but I’m so much stronger, healthier in mind and body and care less about what the scales say and focus more on how I feel!

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