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Dental Crowns

You can often tell when someone has dental crowns on their teeth. False looking and bulky crowns can distract from any smile.

At 360 Dental Care we try to make “teeth” rather than “crowns”. A beautifully made porcelain crown can blend in perfectly with your natural teeth or be used in a smile makeover.

Having our onsite dental laboratory allows us to customise the crowns in the mouth so we can get results that wouldn’t be possible otherwise!

Dental Crown Enhancement

Ask any dentist or technician, matching a single front tooth is one the most difficult things we can do in cosmetic dentistry. Having our onsite laboratory certainly helps! Tooth whitening and a single porcelain crown to replace an old crown.

Masking a dark tooth and matching a single front tooth is extremely tricky. A great job by our in house dental laboratory!

Jan hated her existing crowns but was concerned that the new crowns would look un-natural. Jan was delighted with the natural look we achieved with the porcelain crowns.

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  • What are crowns?

    Many people know crowns as ‘caps’. Crowns are like a thimble that covers the tooth. They are used to rebuild a badly broken down tooth, or to change the shape and size of tooth. They are similar to veneers but cover the inside as well as the outside of the tooth. Crowns can be made of many different materials including zirconia, porcelain, metal and composite.

  • How long do crowns last?

    This question is a little bit like asking how long a car lasts: It would depend on how well made the car is, how well it is maintained and what types of roads it was driven on. At 360 Dental, we make sure that crowns are only used when they are appropriate for you. We also offer maintenance programmes to help manage things such as tooth grinding to keep your smile looking and feeling great and healthy. If well made, perfectly fitting and well maintained, crowns can last 20 years or more.

  • Do crowns damage teeth?

    We usually only use crowns when the tooth is already damaged. When applied properly, a crown will strengthen a tooth and make it last longer. Occasionally, crowns are placed onto very minimally adjusted teeth to change the shape of a tooth or to change the bite.

  • What is involved in fitting a crown?

    The tooth / teeth are adjusted, and a mould or scan is taken and sent to our onsite dental laboratory. Temporary crowns are used to test the shapes and colour and to protect the teeth.  Our dental technicians make the crowns to fit the new smile design or to fit in with the client’s existing smile.  The dentist will then cement the crown in place.

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