Implant Retained Dentures

There are times when a removable restoration is better than a fixed bridge.
If has been too much loss of bone and gum, the patient has challenges cleaning or financial limitations

Dentures are individually designed to suit your smile and face.
By using the best teeth and gum work available a fantastic natural result can be achieved.

Implant retained dentures are securely attached to clips on the implants, they are very sturdy and will not fall out.
Although the number will vary case to case, the upper jaw needs 4 evenly spaced implants and in the the lower jaw 2 or 3.


– Cheaper than fixed implant restorations.
– Easy to clean and maintain the implants.
– Reduces / removes the need for bone and gum grafting as missing gum tissue is replaced by gum coloured acrylic.
– Different levels of retention can be produced in the press stud attach-ments.


– Some people do not like the idea of a removable restoration.
– The nylon press stud attachment will wear and need to be replaced. The frequency is variable, however it is very easy to do.

Securing Dentures With Implants Explanation Video

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