Teeth In A Day 

If you have loose or heavily decayed teeth which require removal or no teeth and loose dentures, you can now have a new set of teeth that are fixed to dental implants all in one day.



How it works……………

1) Consultation.
2) Agree on a treatment plan.
3) Records and planning.
4) The big day……………………

AM – Upper and lower jaws have no teeth.

AM – 6 implants are placed in the upper jaw & 4 implants are placed in the lower jaw.

You have a break while the teeth are made in our laboratory.

PM the new teeth are attached securely to the dental implants.

PM A smile, function and confidence regained!

5) Once the implants have fused to the bone and the gums have healed, a permanent bridge can be made using porcelain teeth.

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