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Invisible Braces in Manchester | Social 6

Orthodontics, or braces to most people, is a fantastic way to give you natural looking, perfectly straight teeth. 

But the thought of train tracks has for years been putting many people off having their teeth straightened and a strict regime with removable braces can be hard to stick to. Now there is an alternative.

Using the latest technologies and techniques to straighten crooked or misaligned teeth - sometimes in a matter of weeks - you can have beautifully straight teeth with the minimum of hassle. For many of our patients, the best thing is that their friends will not even know that they are wearing braces!

CKICK HERE to watch Nadine's video. You would never guess!

What is Lingual Braces?

The only way to truly make braces invisible to the naked eye is to hide them on the inside of your teeth. CLICK HERE to see a video of Nadine. You would never know she was wearing braces!

At 360 Dental Care we offer patients the innovative STb Social 6 Light Lingual System to move teeth into a more harmonious position.

This system is ideal for people whose teeth are slightly crowded or too far apart. As the name suggests it allows us to straighten just the front six of your teeth and can be as quick as just six weeks. The innovative design reduces friction and thereby moves your teeth into position with exceptional speed and amazing results.

How do invisible braces work?

Using the latest techniques in modern dentistry, the STB social 6 braces are first custom made to suit your teeth. The braces are then fastened to the back of your teeth.

Over the first few weeks we will need to see you a few times to adjust the braces; making sure everything is going to plan and that you will get the best result.

How long before my teeth are straight?

Most cases finish in less than 16 weeks and many patients agree that the system is more comfortable than traditional lingual orthodontics.

So if you want us to help restore your confidence and give you a beautiful, natural looking smile, give us a call today and ask us about Lingual Braces. 

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