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Dark Teeth?

Tooth whitening is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your smile.

There are many systems and processes that dentists use for tooth whitening,
which all claim to be the best, such as Zoom or Enlighten.

We have found that at-home whitening trays seem to consistently get the best results.

So what are the advantages of a tray-based home whitening system over an in-practice process?

– It delivers equivalent, if not better, results.
– Initial and subsequent treatments are inexpensive.
– The process yields less sensitivity.

Home Whitening – What Can I Expect?

At-home whitening protocols such as Enlighten involve several easy steps. It’s super easy to fit your whitening routine around your normal day-to-day activities, which is one of the reasons our patients love at-home whitening so much.

The steps involved include:

Initial Consultation

Your dentist will need to check your teeth over to make sure there are no underlying issues like decay or gum disease before treatment. We will answer any questions you have about treatment.

Creating Your Whitening Trays

Your dentist will take dental impressions using a state-of-the-art digital scanner. These impressions are sent away to the laboratory, where bespoke whitening trays are made up.

Whitening Your Teeth (The At-home Part)

We will provide you with your trays once they arrive back from the laboratory. You can begin whitening your teeth at home, either by day or by night – it’s totally up to you. We will show you how to administer the whitening solution to your trays, using plastic whitening syringes containing hydrogen peroxide. This substance oxidises the pigments that cause teeth to discolour.

The wear time ranges depending on the shade you would like to attain, and the shade of your teeth when commencing treatment, average would be 3 weeks.

Reviews from our Teeth Whitening Patients

My regular dentist recommended Jayme after an old veneer on my front tooth broke off. This obviously needed replacing but my usual dentist thought only Jayme would be up to the task. After visiting Jayme and telling him of my problem and other things I was unhappy with we decided on a veneer replacement with a gum lift and teeth whitening. Every visit to the practice was comfortable and relaxing and Jayme, who was aware of my discomfort with dentistry made the effort to ensure that I was completely relaxed and at ease, making sure that everything I had was pain-free. My smile is now amazing while looking completely natural and my own. I no longer feel self-conscious of my smile and am over the moon with the results. For anyone who is looking to have cosmetic dentistry to better their smile I would highly recommend Jayme to provide you with the treatment and care you need.
By Jo

I have just completed my treatment with 360 Dental Care, and could not be happier! I had a fixed brace on my upper teeth (attached to the back of my teeth, an invisible one), followed by clear retainers and a thin bonded strip to keep everything in place. Finally, they were whitened using a home whitening kit, and I had a little bonding composite added to the tips to repair all the damage done by grinding. In fact, the front two were nicely remodelled to correct the difference in width, as well. Overall it took some time to tweak and perfect, but I wasn’t in any hurry and the treatment took much less time than the fixed brace I had as a teenager. I was previously incredibly self conscious about my teeth, and would keep them covered in every photo. I’m so relieved and happy to have a smile I can be proud of now. Jayme and the 360 team are all really friendly and approachable, which is great if you’re a nervous patient, like myself. I would absolutely recommend them to all friends and family, and will return there myself if I need any more treatment in the future. Really happy with the result, thanks guys!
By Helen

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Dr Jayme Adams

BDS University of Manchester 1999
GDC no. 75763

Manchester’s Teeth Whitening Dentist

For over two decades, Jayme has been crafting stunning smile transformations with teeth whitening, with the aim of providing the best treatment and service possible. With Jayme, your smile gets the best of both worlds: beauty and long-term dental well-being. Trust decades of expertise to enhance your smile without compromising your dental health.

“Teeth whitening is a fantastic option for achieving a dazzling smile. It’s crucial that the whitening process does not overly damage the teeth, ensuring the longevity of your brightened smile. With meticulous attention, expertise, and innovation, professional teeth whitening offers a lasting solution for achieving the perfect smile! Experience the brilliance of teeth whitening crafted with care, expertise, and artistry at 360 Dental Care.”


How Much Does Teeth Whitening Treatment Cost?

Our standard teeth whitening system prices start from £375.

How Much Does Enlighten Teeth Whitening Cost?

Our Enlighten teeth whitening system starts from £650. This is the premium teeth whitening brand available in the UK.

Which Teeth Whitening System Is Right for Me?

If you would like to dramatically improve the shade of your teeth, we highly recommend Enlighten Whitening. This leading teeth whitening brand is capable of whitening teeth by up to 16 shades, so if you have particularly discoloured teeth, you will notice fantastic results with Enlighten.

Will My Teeth Stay White After the Whitening Treatment?

Teeth whitening is not permanent. However, you can expect the results to last for months (and in some cases, years).

We recommend top-up treatments every 12 months if you would like to maintain the initial results of treatment.

Is At-home Whitening Better Than In-Surgery Whitening?

Whilst in-surgery whitening can improve the shade of your teeth, the results are not as long-lasting as an at-home treatment like Enlighten. At-home whitening formulations are also less likely to cause tooth sensitivity.

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