5 star 360 dental care reviews
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5 star 360 dental care reviews
6 Southern Street Manchester M3 4NJ
smile@360dentalcare.co.uk Drop us a line anytime!
0161 834 1000 Call us today
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Designing, Creating & Maintaining Beautiful Healthy Smiles For Manchester.

We are focused on health, but are renowned as one of the UK's and Manchester’s best cosmetic dental practices.
We treat many dentists and their patients with dental implants, advanced gum problems, orthodontic braces, root canal treatments and cosmetic dentistry.
A beautiful smile should never be at the expense of health. We have an amazing team to help you establish and maintain dental health!
We are conveniently located, offering: 8am // Lunchtime // evening appointments.

Manchester dental implant centre

Are you looking for a specialist Manchester dental implant centre? Missing teeth can harm your oral health and self-confidence, so dental implants could be an excellent solution for you. At 360 Dental Care, our dental implant centre in Manchester offers patients the long-term solutions they desire. We’ll help you achieve your perfect smile.

As well as offering services for all your Manchester general dentistry needs, we also run a dedicated dental implant clinic from our city centre practice.

For a free consultation, contact us now on 0161 834 1000.

If you’re thinking about getting cosmetic dentistry work completed in Manchester, perhaps you feel a dental implant treatment is the right solution for you. We’re sure you have lots of questions about the procedure, and our experienced implant dentists will be more than happy to talk through your options when you contact our team for a consultation. However, here’s some key information to know about what dental implants involve and the types of treatments we offer at our Manchester clinic.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are used for replacement teeth, consisting of a titanium screw that acts in place of the natural root. This type of metal is commonly chosen for implants because it’s able to easily fuse with gum tissue to become part of the mouth’s structure. Not only will this fill any visible gaps, but provides support for surrounding teeth, crowns and dentures, held firmly in place when the natural bone grows onto its surface. The top of each dental implant can connect to another structure (such as a crown) to form the replacement tooth.

During your cosmetic dentistry assessment at our Manchester city centre clinic, your dentist will check the sites of your missing teeth. If you do require a dental implant, this is placed in the jawbone where the gap is situated. When having new dental implants, it’s possible to replace just one tooth or several, depending on your individual needs.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a highly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure, which is why we fit so many here at our dental implant centre in Manchester.

Why do patients choose Manchester dental implant treatments?

  • Alternative treatment to dentures
  • Get natural-looking implants
  • Replace missing or loose teeth
  • Improved jaw structure and bone tissue support
  • Increase your confidence
  • Smile, eat and talk without worry
  • Enhance your overall dental health

Should You Get a Manchester Dental Implant Treatment?

If you have missing teeth, it’s a good idea to start with a free consultation before visiting us at our Manchester dental implant practice. We’ll be able to examine your existing teeth and health of your gums to see if you’re suitable for implants.

Perhaps you’re conscious of a gap after losing teeth, you’ve recently had a tooth knocked out or you’re currently using dentures. Whatever the reasons you think dental implants are the right solution for you, we’d love to see you at our convenient city centre clinic. Just contact our team to make a Manchester implant centre appointment.

Do Implants Require a Bone Graft?

When patients come to our Manchester dental implant clinic, one of the most common questions we get about implants is whether a bone graft will be necessary. The answer is yes, but it’s actually one of the best ways to ensure your new dental implant lasts for as long as possible.

Because the implant is supported by the bone that grows onto its surface, we need to ensure your mouth will accommodate this process as best it can. Unfortunately, where teeth are missing, the bone can shrink back, so there may not be enough tissue present for this to occur naturally.

Our Manchester dental team is highly experienced in bone graft procedures, ensuring the missing bone is replaced to allow for a successful dental implant procedure. However, if this isn’t possible, we also offer alternatives, which our dentists will talk you through after your assessment at our Manchester implant centre.

How Long Do Implants Last for?

Luckily, dental implants last for years, with up to 95% remaining after five years and 90% after ten years. The success rate will depend on a number of factors, from the type of dental implant chosen to the way the procedure was performed. That’s why it’s so vital that you choose an experienced dentist when booking a procedure at a dental implant clinic in Manchester.

While no teeth (natural or cosmetic) are guaranteed for life, there are some things you can do to ensure you lower the risk of implants failing. This includes:

– Remember that the area around each dental implant can be more fragile than around the natural teeth. Therefore, clean thoroughly but gently wherever possible, avoiding toothbrushes with tough bristles.
– Avoid things you know are bad for your oral health, such as sugar, smoking and caffeine.
– Follow the oral hygiene programme recommended by your dentist. This means actioning the techniques they’ve advised to keep your oral health up to scratch, as well as booking regular dentistry check-ups.

Our Manchester dentists will also talk you through any other advice that’s appropriate for your circumstances, including ways to help stop teeth grinding, lifestyle changes you could make and supplements for those with health problems which could lead to implant failure.

How Much Do Cosmetic Dentistry Implants Cost?

How much the services and procedures cost at our city centre dental implant centre will depend on the extent of work to be done. We’re happy to provide a free smile consultation before you visit us so that we can direct you towards the right services to save you time. For tooth implant dental procedures, the starting price for a single implant, bone graft and crown is £2,200. This should give you a better idea about the Manchester costs expected.

Visit Our Manchester Dental Implant Clinic Near the City Centre

Are you looking for the best Manchester dental city centre practice or clinic? Get a free consultation (virtual smile assessment) by contacting the team at 360 Dental Care. We’re specialists in implant dentistry work, offering services of the highest quality from our conveniently placed dental centre in Southern Street, Manchester. We offer the best restorative treatments, finding the right general dentistry solutions for you to help you smile with confidence again.

By choosing our dental implant clinic in Manchester city centre:

–  Get the best restorative dental treatments.
–  Receive high-quality procedures using advanced technology and materials.
–  Access specialist dentistry services for tooth implants.
–  Get the best smile design expertise and advice.
–  Enjoy long-lasting results to improve your oral health.

Rest assured, we’ll guide you through every part of the process from start to finish, answering your questions and tailoring services to your needs. We’ll help you achieve a natural-looking smile you can be proud of, looking after you from arrival to aftercare.

If you need more information, please read through our website for more information about implants, including before and after photographs so that you can see real-life results in action.

Create the perfect smile with 360 Dental Care in Manchester. To book an appointment or request a free smile assessment, contact us.

Please note, all content rights reserved to 360 Dental.

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We’d like to thank our wonderful patients for allowing us to use their photographs. All of the examples of dentistry throughout our website were carried out by Jayme and his team. To see more smile makeovers click here or look under each service in what we do.

I am an NHS dentist in the Manchester area and have been referring all my advanced cosmetic dentistry cases to Dr Adams for the past couple of years. The results he has produced on my patients have been outstanding and all have been extremely impressed with his gentle and caring manner. Also Dr Adams is the dentist that I trust to fix my teeth when the need arises.
Dr Chris AinsworthDental surgeon

Family Run Dental Practice

360 dental Care was founded in 2009 by Dr Jayme Adams and his wife Dr Dharmista Desia-Adams (known as Dams).

Jayme is our cosmetic and restorative dentist, while Dams places dental implants, performs facial aesthetics and is affectionately known as “Boss Lady”!

“Our aim is to provide the highest level of care and service while maintaining a family feel.”

For more about information about  our team click here

Sterilisation and cross infection control

Sterilisation and cross infection are fundamental, daily practices for all dental surgeries. The coronavirus out break is likely to make cross infection procedures even more stringent. We comply with all current guidelines and invest in going beyond them when appropriate. An example is our IQ Air, air filter with high volume suction. This reduces the risk to our team, which in turn reduces the risk to yourself  by lowering the risk of spreading infections.

What We Offer

A Trusted Team
a trusted team

  • We treat many dentists as patients and they refer their patients to us for treatment.
  • Patients travel to see us from Manchester to Australia! See why by reading their reviews.

Convenient Location & Opening Hours

  • Just off Deansgate (near the Hilton tower), 5 minutes from Spinningfields.
  • 3 minute walk from Deansgate Castlefield metro link and Deansgate rail station.

Impeccable Standards
Impeccable Standards

  • All our dentists use magnification, the more we can see, the higher the quality of our diagnosis and workmanship becomes.
  • All of our team are dedicated to dental education and many of the team teach other dental professionals.

Safe & Comfortable Environment
Safe & Comfortable Environment

  • A score of excellent from the Quality Care Commission.
  • All staff registered with the GDC and committed to dental education.

A Healthy Mouth & Smile
A Healthy Mouth & Smile

  • Our team is dedicated to establishing and maintaining dental health.
  • Our gum and root canal treatment specialists can help you keep teeth that may otherwise be lost.

Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Contact us for your free consultation today!

Dental Fees

In dentistry, every person has different needs and ideas of what makes the perfect smile. That is why we put together a tailor-made and detailed treatment plan for each and every one before we start. This includes a complete breakdown of all the costs involved so you know exactly what you need to get the smile you have always wanted. There are no hidden extras.

With interest-free finance and payment plans available, transforming your smile is far more affordable than you might think.

Routine dental health examination £55

New patient cosmetic / implant / complex case examination £95                (includes all small x-rays, mock up of cosmetic result and treatment plan).

See fees for further information.

To find out more, give us a call and arrange your FREE consultation today: 0161 834 1000

0% Finance available (subject to terms and conditions) 

Do You Treat Nervous Patients?

Most people are nervous to some extent. We believe people need time, patience and to know they are still in control.

We have extensive experience helping nervous and phobic patients and can offer sedation when needed.

We are dental phobia certified and go out of our way to make a visit to the dentist as enjoyable as possible.

what to expect at 360 dental manchester

Our goal is to have you enjoy your visit rather than dread it!

We make every effort to keep you comfortable and stress free.

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