The service throughout is first class, from reception through to treatment. Attention to detail and really understanding the needs of what the client want are high on 360's agenda, providing confidence that the treatment that they recommend is really in your interest. My son and I are both currently receiving treatments and the difference is already clear after a couple of months.360 isn't your conventional dentist, not just looking at your dental hygiene in the present, but how it could effect your overall health in the future. Jamie is clearly very passionate about what he does and is a complete professional. I would highly recommend Jayme in all aspects of dentistry, but in particular his work with helping children who are 'mouth breathers' rather than 'nose breathers' which can cause snoring at night and of more significance later life health issues; his work using myobrace has had a positive effect on my son already and look forward to seeing the long-term result!
David Smith
David Smith
10:56 04 Jul 17
I am very happy with all aspects of my treatment at 360 Dental Care. My teeth have been straightened with braces and now look infinitely better. Most importantly, Jayme stressed that he focuses on the structural integrity of teeth, not just their appearance. He therefore filled various teeth before fitting the braces, and I now feel that I have a sound set of teeth that also look good. Jayme is clearly highly skilled at what he does, and, along with Angela, Marie and all staff at the practice, he is also very friendly and welcoming. I am more than happy to travel some distance to attend appointments, knowing that I will receive an excellent service.
David C
David C
09:06 12 May 17
Many thanks to Jayme and all his team at 360 Dental for providing such a friendly, supportive and highly professional service! I needed extensive teeth straightening and repair work and was very very apprehensive at first to find the right dentist (many hours spent looking at web reviews). The initial consultation with Angela and Jamie immediately put me at ease and I was impressed by the care and attention in preparing my treatment plan. Two years down the line now I have finished my treatment and extremely happy with the results which have really brought back my smile again, hidden for many years. I can’t really praise the 360 Dental practice enough and their dedication to patient care. A big thanks to dental nurse Jade who was always so friendly, welcoming and professional. Also to Marie on reception for being so organised, sending out reminders and making lovely coffees if I arrived early! Edward
09:10 22 Mar 17
Friendly staff. Nice dentists who make you feel at ease and relaxed. Come here if you want to get taken care of properly
John C
John C
10:58 02 Feb 17
I feel lucky to have found Jayme and the team. From my first visit I was made to feel welcome and received an excellent service. Jayme and Angela clearly explained the options available to me, how long the treatment would take and how much everything would cost. After over 6 months of treatment I'm extremely pleased with my new smile. I highly recommend this practice.
Alison Jones
Alison Jones
19:23 11 Oct 16

I can smile with confidence thanks to Jayme and his team.

In 2010 I had a problem with one of my front teeth; I had a root canal treatment done previously. To save the tooth I needed a new root canal treatment.

Even though there are a lot of private practices in Manchester, there are only few dentists I would trust my teeth. Jayme Adam is one of the best dentists in Manchester! I can say that with confidence as I am a dentist myself!

I have been recommended by my principal to go to Jayme for new root canal treatment. He not only saved my tooth but also looked into discoloration and helped to improve appearance of the tooth.

He has excellent clinical skills, excellent communication and excellent team!

I still have my tooth 2 years later and had no problems since treatment was completed.

I feel confident to refer my patients to Jayme if the cases are too difficult for me to solve.

by Dr Svetlana Dwyer

I have feelings of such gratitude to the 360 Dental team, who had my beautiful new smile ready in time for my wedding. My veneers have made such a transformation and I was so proud and happy to smile for all my wedding photos. Thank you very much guys.

by Chantelle Harniess

It has been such a relief to find a dentist and dental team that are not only talented in their work but friendly in their attitude. I can honestly say that Jayme and his team are both and every time I visit the practice I go away feeling better about myself. I have had a number of treatments from Jayme including a filling and dental implant and have always been incredibly pleased with the outstanding results. It is also reassuring to know that whatever problems I have with my teeth I can go to Jayme to discuss my treatment options and put my mind at ease.

by Philippa Coslett

My teeth have always been a problem area for me and I couldn’t remember a time before my treatment when I didn’t put my hand to my mouth when I laughed or smiled. I had thought about having work for quite a while and had even gone to consultations with several dentists, but none of them made me feel comfortable, or inspired any confidence in their skill and care. However, after meeting Jayme I knew he was the dentist for the job. He was passionate and enthused and you could tell that dentistry was more than a job to him. Before Jayme I was also incredibly nervous about dentists, but because of his caring and empathetic attitude I felt completely at ease, even during long consultations or treatments. Jayme is very much a perfectionist and even the smallest details, which he feels could improve your smile, do not go uncared for. The transformation he has made to my smile is incredible and although my smile is unrecognizable from the terrible mess it was before, it looks like my own natural smile now. Needless to say I don’t cover up my smile anymore and if there is a camera about you’ll see me smiling! For anyone looking for a smile makeover, who have been uncertain in the past I definitely recommend Jayme to transform your smile like he transformed mine.

by Mary

Jayme and his team are so good that I have even recommended them to my mother!

I had suffered with a bad smile for several years and had contacted several dentists concerning treatments. I received two quotes, one from Jayme and one from another dentist, which were similar in price. I decided that Jayme and his team however, would be better for the job, as I have received excellent care from them before.

Jayme went through all the procedures I could have very thoroughly and put me at ease. Even though I have always been a little nervous of the dentist in the past Jayme really made me feel comfortable and I always feel looked after at the practice.

The results of my care exceeded expectation and I will be back again for sure.

by Anne

My regular dentist recommended Jayme after an old veneer on my front tooth broke off. This obviously needed replacing but my usual dentist thought only Jayme would be up to the task. After visiting Jayme and telling him of my problem and other things I was unhappy with we decided on a veneer replacement with a gum lift and teeth whitening. Every visit to the practice was comfortable and relaxing and Jayme, who was aware of my discomfort with dentistry made the effort to ensure that I was completely relaxed and at ease, making sure that everything I had was pain free. My smile is now amazing, while looking completely natural and my own. I no longer feel self-conscious of my smile and am over the moon with the results. For any one who is looking to have a cosmetic dentistry to better their smile I would highly recommend Jayme to provide you with the treatment and care you need.

by Jo

I had let my dental health deteriorate due to my anxiety of the dentist and so was exceptionally nervouse when I first visited the 360 Dental practice. My worries were soon abated and the care and consideration Jayme, Damz and Helen showed me instantly but me at ease.

My condition and treatment options were all discussed in full, so I knew exactly what to expect and this made me feel completely comfortable. A treatment plan was then drawn up tailored to my needs and we got started!

The dental treatment was completely successful and the results were quite simply outstanding. Anyone looking for kind dentists coupled with excellent results should come here!

by Benni

I am very grateful to have Jayme as my dentist.The team at 360 Dental Care,are professional and so caring. Jayme’s work on my teeth was superb, and I now have a great smile. I thank all of you for your help and care.I am very grateful to have Jayme as my dentist.The team at 360 Dental Care,are professional and so caring. Jayme’s work on my teeth was superb, and I now have a great smile. I thank all of you for your help and care.

I have a brilliant smile now thanks to Jayme and the 360 Dental team. I would happily recommend them to anyone, as they are such a kind, understanding and caring team.

by Josephine O Brien

“Total relaxation” and “dentist’s chair” are not words I’d normally have used in the same sentence – until I encountered Jayme Adams at 360 Dental Care!

The loss of some teeth in a pre-teen accident initiated many fearful dental procedures and this, compounded by an addiction to all things sweet – and subsequent numerous amalgam fillings – led to a lifelong terror of dentists.

Armed with a mouthful of extremely false-looking and badly fitted NHS crowns and bridges, plus the gappy, chipped and discoloured remains of my own teeth, I began my hunt for a skilful but compassionate dentist who could give me beautiful but natural looking teeth, and so banish forever my miserable, self-conscious, tight-lipped excuse for a smile.

I was distinctly unimpressed with my initial forays into the world of cosmetic dentistry but then luckily chanced upon a published article for 360 Dental Care. I phoned Jayme Adams and was immediately put at ease by his kindness and understanding; I made my first appointment and have never looked back!

In my estimation he stands head and shoulders above any other dentist I’ve ever come across. He has a genuinely warm and friendly manner, is gentle, considerate and infinitely patient, with a natural empathy for nervous clients. He is superb at giving numbing-injections and all my treatment has been more or less pain free – in fact, on a couple of occasions, I’ve nearly fallen asleep in his chair! He is a skilled perfectionist with a keen, artistic eye and a wealth of knowledge of every aspect of dental care and all the latest up-to-date procedures. Jayme’s dedication and total commitment to getting the best possible result is impressive – you feel as though your teeth really matter to him and it’s not just a job. He addresses all your concerns and answers your every query, keeping you fully informed each step of the way, sharing X-ray results, photos, computer images and plaster moulds of your teeth with you, so that you know exactly what is going on in your mouth, and why. All options and costings are outlined in full, you’re given time to go away and consider your choices, and there’s never any pressure – only expert advice and helpful recommendations.

The outward appearance of your teeth is of the utmost importance of course, but equally essential in Jayme’s view are comfort and fit, correct bite, and the future longevity of those pearly gnashers! To this end, especially if extensive work is being done, you are given a provisional set of teeth to live with for several weeks, so that alterations can be made if necessary, to ensure a perfect final result. What a great idea!

Jayme is ably assisted by two charming, caring and wonderfully attentive dental nurses – plus a superb lab technician who is a master craftsman at tooth building, and with whom Jayme constantly liases in his quest for perfection.

I now have a smile to be proud of – very natural looking with each tooth individually sculpted and fitted right up to my (newly formed by Jayme) gum line. There are clever and subtle variations in shape, markings, colour and tone, whether it be my crowns and bridges, or the composite overlay, skillfully applied by Jayme to replace my old amalgams and to build up and cover the gaps and chips on my own teeth. They are all a lovely creamy pearly-white colour (but not in-your-face Hollywood-starlet bright) as befits someone of my 60+ mature years. Everything feels snug and secure, easily strong enough to chew all kinds of food with gay abandon! To say that I am absolutely delighted is an understatement. I cannot recommend Jayme Adams and his team highly enough – visiting them definitely gives you something to smile about!

by A. D. Morris

When your own dentist recommends another practitioner you know that person has to be good, which is what happened when I visited my regular dentist to ask about root canal treatment. Jayme Adams will be the only person who can save this tooth, I was told and so I paid a visit to 360 Dental.

I can honestly say I wasn’t let down by the recommendation and was so comfortable and secure in the care and treatment that Jayme and her team provided, that I was prompted to ask about other dental problems I had, such as the enamel wearing on my front teeth. I had my wedding fast approaching and so was very interested in having the very best possible smile and so Jayme helped me set up my own personal plan based on my conditions and my budget.

Jayme was then a bit of a miracle working, saving an ‘unsaveable’ tooth and then having my smile ready and beautiful for my wedding day.

Everyone seems to be amazed at my smile now and are always asking about it. My regular dentist was always very good, but since the treatment I have received at 360 Dental I could never think about going to anyone else.

by Lee Royle

As someone who is fairly nervous about getting my hair cut, the thought of the dentist would terrify me. Things came to a head when I had a problem with a tooth and I visited 360 Dental Care. Contrary to what I had imagined the practice itself is comfortable and the decor contemporary. Dr Jayme and Dr Damz are very friendly in a natural way and having all the treatments explained was very reassuring. All the staff at 360 are very professional and able to make you very relaxed. Since the procedure was completed my new tooth has been absolutely brilliant with no problems whatsoever. I would recommend 360 Dental care to everybody and particularly to anyone who is nervous about visiting the dentist. To put it another way – I live in London but I’m more than happy travelling to Manchester to get the best possible treatment available.

by benjamin clayton

I needed a tooth removing, it had decomposed under a bridge and could not be saved, the only alternative my NHS dentist could offer was a false tooth on a denture plate. I really did not feel old enough for this so he recommended I visit Jayme at 360 Dental Care for an implant consultation. Jayme fully explained the procedure and I was advised to have two implants. The initial procedure was quite invasive but the care and attention I received was excellent. Jayme and Desai performed the procedure jointly. I never felt any discomfort or pain. I was constantly reassured and updated during the process and was sent home with very clear instructions of how to care for my mouth in the next few days. I had no swelling or bruising at all. The dental surgery is spotlessly clean, the dental nurses and receptionist are always attentive and supportive. I had a few follow up appointments and am now the proud owner of two lovely new teeth with no denture plate in sight! And as an added bonus the surgery has a supply of current magazines to browse through whilst you sip your coffee – perfect!

by Elizabeth Williams

I am so thankful to have had my dental treatment with 360 Dental Care. Jayme worked wonders in creating a new crown and matching veneer to my front teeth which look amazing. Not content with simply restoring my front teeth Jayme used the opportunity to greatly improve the shape, tone and setting of my front teeth to fit and feel just right. He has a great eye for detail and allowed me to feel totally relaxed and confident during treatment. I would recommend 360 Dental Care without hesitation.

by Debra Eppie

A relative recommended Jayme and 360 Dental. In the past I’ve always been a rather nervous patient, however Jayme and his staff always manage to help me feel quite relaxed, so much so that at the age of 57 and thanks to Jayme (and braces) I’m soon to have the nicest teeth and smile in my life.

Living in Spain it’s certainly been worth the flight into Manchester for my appointments.

I recommend Jayme to all my family and friends. Thankyou Jayme and staff.

by Roberta

I initially went to Jayme to brighten my smile which I knew would mean replacing two very old crowns. What we didn’t realise was that it would it become a marathon journey, thanks to a very nasty hidden gum infection. I have undergone some very intense treatments including a bone graft and thanks to Jayme and his fantastic team I now have a smile to be proud of. I can’t recommend them highly enough, very professional with a relaxed attitude that put me completely at ease. Thank you Jayme a long journey but well worth it.

by Sharon

I first visited 360 Dental care when I broke a crown on a front tooth. Jayme and the team were so helpful and understanding. I left after the first visit with a temporary replacement and a full explanation of what was treatment was necessary. Although it was soon clear that I would need a root filling and other treatment I felt confident that Jayme would do a good job and I have not been disappointed. The team all helped to put me at ease and I always felt comfortable despite the nerves, Jayme is very skilful and works closely with Adam in the white lab who produces crowns. This close working made it possible to produce an excellent result. I am very pleased and would recommend, without reservation, 360 dental care to anyone who wants the very best care for their teeth.

by christine

I have been a patent here for a while now. They are doing a complete smile change for me. They are very good at making you at ease, while your in the chair. I never feel any injections while having treatment. During the treatment I have nearly fell asleep several times. I am looking forward to the finished Smile.

by Pete

I have just completed my treatment with 360 Dental Care, and could not be happier! I had a fixed brace on my upper teeth (attached to the back of my teeth, an invisible one), followed by clear retainers and a thin bonded strip to keep everything in place. Finally, they were whitened using a home whitening kit, and I had a little bonding composite added to the tips to repair all the damage done by grinding. In fact, the front two were nicely remodelled to correct the difference in width, as well. Overall it took some time to tweak and perfect, but I wasn’t in any hurry and the treatment took much less time than the fixed brace I had as a teenager.

I was previously incredibly self conscious about my teeth, and would keep them covered in every photo. I’m so relieved and happy to have a smile I can be proud of now. Jayme and the 360 team are all really friendly and approachable, which is great if you’re a nervous patient, like myself. I would absolutely recommend them to all friends and family, and will return there myself if I need any more treatment in the future. Really happy with the result, thanks guys!

by Helen

I cannot praise Jayme and his team highly enough and would recommend 360 to everyone, particularly those who have a fear of dentists. Jayme is very professional but also very friendly and reassuring and he puts you at your ease at every visit as do all the staff (special mention to Helen and Angela who have both been lovely to me during my treatment). I have had extensive work done including a brace and am extremely pleased with the results. Jayme is a perfectionist and is always willing to go that extra mile in order to obtain the best result. Jayme was recommended to me by a friend and I have no hesitation in recommending him and his team to everyone.

by Denise

I initially came to 360 dental care to find out my options for filling gaps in my mouth where I had two missing teeth. I had visited a number of dental practices for consultations, and 360 dental care appeared to offer a great balance between price, quality and duration of treatment. I had a (white) fixed brace for a year, two porcelain veneers and two dental implants. Right from the outset, all of the staff at 360 dental care were welcoming and polite, always courteous and were very honest about what would be involved to achieve my desired result (including price). I feel that Jayme, my dentist, listened carefully to all of my concerns and did everything he could to make sure I was happy. All the other staff, especially Dams (who carried out the surgery required for my dental implants), Helen and Angela, were also very helpful at all times, and did everything they could to create a comfortable, friendly environment in which I was at ease (particularly if ever I was nervous about my visits). I am very grateful to Jayme and I am very pleased with the service I received at 360 dental care. I would highly recommend the practice to other patients looking for an honest, friendly dentist to give them their perfect smile!

by Mollie

After years of being self conscious about my teeth and having consulted many other dentists who said that there was nothing that they could do to help, luckily I came across an article about 360 Dental Care. After having had a consultation with Jayme I knew that he was the dentist for me, even though it meant that I would have to travel from North Wales for appointments.

I am thrilled with the end results. My teeth now look fantastic and I am no longer embarrassed about my smile. Jayme is a real perfectionist and is his team always make you feel comfortable and welcome. My only regret is that I did not find Jayme years ago and now I am actually going to miss going to the dentist! Thank you Jayme and your team.

by michelle

I am very impressed with Jamye’s dentistry and the care from all the staff in his practice. He is thoughtful in diagnosing the problem, offers full explanations, attends to details as he carefully and patiently works. He is really interested in his work, my teeth and my health. I am delighted with the appearance of my teeth, their colour, my smile, following recent work. The careful re-shaping of the gaps between my teeth has increased my pleasure in eating. So I look better and go out to eat feeling more confident. I came to 360 Dental Care 3 years ago following a long period of returning to my dentist with problems and occasional pain. Since my first treatment plan was finished I have had no further problems and will not in the future as the chronic problems are now solved. by Keith

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