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14th December 2020

Dental Implant Manchester

Dental implant manchester
If you’re searching for the best dental implant Manchester services, speak to the team at 360 Dental Care. We use the very best products and techniques to offer our patients world-class services. This includes high-quality Prama dental implants, offering more permanent solutions to those with missing teeth. We’ll help you to rebuild your smile.
When you get in touch, we’ll offer you a free virtual consultation and smile assessment, ensuring you feel at ease, directing you towards the ideal cosmetic dentistry services for your needs. When you visit us, we even provide a smile design service in which you can see a digital representation of what your new smile will look like once the treatment has been carried out. We never put aesthetics before health, ensuring any treatments recommended are suitable for you.

To get in touch, call now on 0161 834 1000.

What Are Teeth Implants?
The primary purpose of a dental implant is to support an artificial tooth (such as a crown). If you have a missing tooth or teeth, this is a great long-term solution to consider rather than dentures. The implant will act as the root, made from a titanium screw that’s placed into the jawbone where the gap in the smile is. Your Manchester dental team will talk you through the details of the procedure, including how long the treatment takes and what you can expect.

What Do Implants Look Like?
Each dental implant is the shape of a screw, helping it to be inserted into the jawbone as easily as possible. It shouldn’t be seen through the gum if a high-quality brand is used by your dentist. The final look will be defined by the artificial tooth you choose to attach to the implant, such as a crown. If you’d like to visualise how dental implants can transform your teeth and smile, we have lots of before and after photographs on our website.

At our 360 Dental Care practice in Manchester, we also offer expert smile design services, providing a mock-up of what your new smile will look like if you decide to go ahead with the recommended cosmetic dentistry treatment. Our patients love this service as it predicts the final results and helps them to feel more at ease with their decision.

Are Dental Implants Safe?
Dental implants are safe as long as you choose a reputable Manchester practice. Titanium is used for high-quality implants thanks to its safety and reliability when used in the mouth, and the gum tissue and bone will attach to its surface to hold it in place like it’s a natural root. This well-established dental treatment is recommended by top dentists, and the implants will last if you care for them well.

How Many Years Do Implants Last for?
Each dental implant can last for many years if you look after them as recommended by our Manchester dentists. You should attend all your appointments and follow the oral hygiene programme your dentist and hygienist puts in place for you. This is one of the best ways you can help the dental implants remain healthy. In fact, 9/10 implants should still be successful even ten years post-treatment.

Can I Have a Single Dental Implant?
Absolutely. Our patients can have any number of missing teeth replaced with a dental implant. This includes a single implant, several in one procedure or even a whole mouth restored to create the perfect smile.

Why Are Dental Implants So Popular?
Dental patients in Manchester regularly ask us to book them in for implant treatments. There are many advantages of dental implants which make them a highly popular treatment for replacing teeth.

Benefits include:

– Complete your perfect smile by replacing missing teeth with a more permanent solution.
– There’s no need to cut down teeth when you have a single implant fitted.
– Patients love the natural look of the implants and crown, giving them their confidence back.
– Feel more secure when eating and drinking – no more gaps in the teeth to avoid or loose dentures to worry about!
– Each dental implant can last for years if it’s cared for correctly.
– Ensure dentures, crowns and bridges are well-supported.
– If you need more than one dental implant, patients may qualify for a discount if they’re placed during the same treatment.
– Improve your bite and jaw structure, helping to improve your overall oral health.

Is Bone Grafting Required?
Before implants are used to replace missing teeth, your Manchester dental technician will arrange for tests and x-rays to ensure there is enough bone present to support having a dental implant. Your jawbone shrinks back at the site of a missing tooth, so it’s important to complete this step before continuing onto the oral surgery.

If the bone tissue isn’t healthy or there’s not enough bone seen to support a dental implant yet, bone grafting will be advised. This is where our expert dentists in Manchester will use a bottle bone to bulk out the area, giving a stronger base for which the implant can be inserted. This will hopefully extend the bone to the most appropriate height and width for the treatment.

Is There Just One Procedure Involved?
If you need a bone graft, you’ll need to take this into account when planning any dental treatments. Once your dentist is happy that the procedure can commence, the implant will be fitted in one appointment, followed by another a few months later to fit any false teeth.

To summarise, the implant treatment process usually involves:

1. Consultation and smile design – You dentist will assess your suitability for the dental implant procedure. If there are other alternatives available, they’ll talk you through these so that you can make an informed decision.
2. Bone grafting – A bone graft will be recommended if you need more bone to support an implant.
3. Dental implant procedure – Your dental implants will be inserted into the site of the missing teeth. It will take a few months for the bone to grow onto the surface as the implants settle into their new position.
4. False teeth fitted – The top of the implant is called an abutment. This is the bridge which will connect to your new artificial tooth, such as a crown, bridge or dentures. These will only be fitted once the area is stable enough to do so.

When you attend your consultation, your dentist will talk through each step in more detail with you.

Is the Dental Implant Treatment Painful?
No. When you come in for your dental implant consultation at our Manchester clinic, we’ll talk you through the pain relief options available and what will happen during the treatment. This often puts our patients at ease about whether the procedure is going to be painful or not. In fact, dental implants are often easier than tooth extractions, using a local anaesthetic for the treatment. You shouldn’t feel any pain during the implantation, but the area may feel a little sore afterwards.

Do You Offer Sedation for Oral Surgery?
Yes. We understand how nerve-wracking it can be for many of our Manchester patients when they come for procedures at our practice. If you suffer from anxiety or are very nervous about your dental treatment, please let us know. We can offer you IV sedation, which is perfectly safe when given by a trained and qualified professional. When you visit our Manchester dental practice, we’re happy to discuss this option for the surgery.

What Causes Tooth Implants to Fail?
Nothing is guaranteed in life, including the success of dental implants. However, our patients can drastically reduce the chances of the implants failing by following our advice.

Here are some of the risk factors involved.

  • ORAL HYGIENE: Like natural teeth, if you don’t look after your dental implants, they can develop a coating which leads to gum disease, bleeding and painful spots. You must follow the oral hygiene plan put in place by your dentist after the dental implant procedure, including brushing, flossing and attending all appointments.
  • BONE CONDITION: The part of the jawbone that your dental implant is fitted to should be strong and healthy, giving it a good chance of attaching as expected to provide the support required for long-lasting results. That’s why it’s imperative that your Manchester dentist assesses the bone before your oral surgery. They may advise a small bone graft if necessary to give your implant the best chance of success.
  • YOUR BITE: It’s essential that your teeth’s bite won’t become overloaded after the dental implant treatments. Therefore, our dental experts will assess this when patients come for their consultation and x-rays. If your bite isn’t stable, it could cause dental implants to fail. We’ll also look for signs of teeth grinding, which will need to be controlled if you have the dental implant treatment. Solutions may include the use of a bite guard, but we can discuss this with you in more detail if necessary.
  • HISTORY OF GUM DISEASE: If you’ve previously had periodontal disease, this doesn’t mean you can’t have implants if your gums are now in a healthy position for the surgery. However, it’s more important than ever that you care for the dental implants as advised by your Manchester dental experts and attend your check-ups. If the disease returns, it could cause the implants to fail.
  • DENTAL IMPLANT QUALITY: If poor quality dental implants are chosen, it can increase the risk of the implant failing. For example, they could become contaminated or not provide the right support if the bone doesn’t fuse with them. At 360 Dental, we use the Prama dental implant system, which is one of the most reliable implant brands in the industry.
  • SMOKING: Some dentists don’t recommend you have implants if you’re a heavy smoker, as it can increase the risk of implant failure. If you’re a smoker, and you do proceed with the dental implant procedure, you must look after your teeth and gums very carefully.
  • HEALTH: As well as assessing your oral health, it’s important to let your dentist know if you have any medical issues which could affect the success of dental treatments. This includes diabetes or mouth cancer. We also recommend our dental implant patients take vitamin D supplements to increase the chances the implants will be successful, but we’ll talk you through the best options when you visit us at our practice.
  • LIFESTYLE: As well as ensuring you stick to a good oral hygiene programme, there are several lifestyle factors which can affect the success of dental implants. This includes stopping smoking and eating a low sugar diet, which can improve the condition of your existing teeth too.
  • ACCIDENTS & INJURIES: While not strictly an implant ‘failure’, it’s important to know that accidents can affect an implant in the same way they would damage your normal teeth. Therefore, if you play contact sports or partake in activities which could raise the risk of oral injuries, you’ll need a mouthguard professionally made for your teeth.

What Aftercare Advice Do You Give?
After the dental implant treatment, your Manchester hygienist or dentist will talk through the specifics of the aftercare involved. This will include instructions about how to clean around the implant sites and teeth, as well as letting you know when you should come in for your check-ups. It’s important to attend these appointments, or issues may not be spotted early and you could invalidate any warranties associated with your dental implants, crowns, bridges or dentures. This includes both hygienist and dentist appointments.

Dental implants are fairly easy to clean, but the area can be more sensitive around the gum. We would highly recommend you avoid brushing using anything which could irritate the site (including hard bristles). While gentle techniques are advised, it’s vital to do a thorough job, ensuring you keep your existing teeth clean, as well as caring for the dental implants. This will improve your overall oral health, as well as decreasing the chance of failures.

Are Dental Implants Available on the NHS?
Teeth implants aren’t usually a dental procedure that’s available through the NHS unless it’s very exceptional circumstances. Therefore, any implant treatments will need to be financed privately. When you have your consultation, your dentist will be able to provide patients with a more accurate quote once they have a better idea about the extent of the treatment required, including how many teeth need replacing.

In many cases, if a single dental implant is required with a bone graft and crown, the treatment price will start at £2,200. Many patients find this treatment to be a more cost-effective option when they consider how long each implant lasts compared to other less permanent solutions.

Want Dental Implants In Manchester? Contact 360 Dental Care Today
Are you looking for the best service for dental implants in Manchester? At 360 Dental Care, we offer a free consultation and smile assessment if you’re unsure about what the first steps are in the perfect smile design process. Our dedicated dental implant team will invite patients to book a full consultation at the practice so that they can assess your mouth properly. We have years of experience, offering expert cosmetic dentistry services to the local Manchester community.

For all implants dental services near Manchester, contact us now.

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