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14th December 2020

Dental implants Manchester city centre

Dental implants Manchester city centre
Do you need to find a dental implants Manchester city centre practice you can trust? At 360 Dental Care, we’re renowned for our first-class cosmetic dentistry solutions, tailoring all services to the needs of our patients. We offer a wide range of options, from treating those with advanced gum disease to offering long-term solutions such as dental implants. As oral hygiene specialists, we’ll support you to care for your teeth and gums, creating perfect smiles.

When you contact our team, we can start with a free virtual smile assessment if you would prefer, ensuring we understand what you’re looking for and any problems you’re having. This means we can book the right type of dental consultation for your needs. If you would like a dental implant treatment, we’re happy for you to meet with our smile design experts at our city centre practice in Manchester. You can
have a discussion and after examining your teeth and gums, and performing x-rays, we’ll have a better idea about the most suitable treatment plan for you.

Need more help? Get started by booking a smile assessment with 360 Dental Care.

Call now on 0161 834 1000, and we’ll advise you about the next steps.

Dental Implant Solutions – Replace Missing Teeth
A dental implant is essentially an artificially made root to support cosmetic teeth, such as porcelain crowns. It’s made from a metal substance called titanium that will be inserted into the jawbone.

An implant is ideal for those who have lost teeth through impact (e.g. when playing sports), as well as those who have had extensive gum disease. However, for the latter, we’ll always ensure your gums are in a healthy place before we recommend advancing onto the dental implant treatment. Otherwise, the disease could continue to infect the area around the implant site and cause it to fail.

Each dental implant is placed separately, so you can opt for this treatment whether you have one missing tooth or multiple teeth to replace.

What Will the Results Look Like?
After having a dental implant procedure at our Manchester city centre practice, the results will look incredibly natural. That’s due to the type of dental implant system we use and the skill and expertise of our dentists. We use Prama implants thanks to their superior structure and results, reducing the chances of failure and ensuring infection risks are kept to a minimum.

Careful consideration has gone into their design, from attachments which encourage the bone to fuse to them to their beneficial gold necks. Gold is better than grey for this part of the dental implant because you can sometimes see other colours (such as grey) through this part of the gum. This provides an appearance which is as natural-looking as possible.

Of course, the dental implants aren’t the whole story when it comes to creating your ideal smile, as they will need to attach to (and support) your new artificial teeth. The main options for implants are:

– Crowns
– Bridges
– Dentures

We’ll discuss all these options when you visit us at our dental centre, providing a smile design consultation in which you can see how your new smile could look.

How Long Do They Last For?
Dental implants aren’t guaranteed for life, just as your normal teeth won’t remain forever without the right care. The vast majority of dental implant placements will last for at least 5 to 10 years if you address the risk factors involved and follow the oral hygiene plan as detailed by your dentist and hygienist.

Please note, we do guarantee implants for the first year if hygiene plans are implemented (e.g., all appointments are attended). Crowns and bridges are covered for a minimum of 5 years with terms and conditions.

Will the Teeth Implants Fail?
No treatment is ever guaranteed to succeed, but we’ll talk you through any individual risk factors you have before having dental implants, as well as the best ways to care for them after the procedure. The chances of the dental implant treatment being a success are affected by multiple factors, including:

– How well you follow the dental hygiene programme outlined by your dentist and hygienist
– Getting early help if you detect any issues with your teeth, dental implants or gums
– How well the bone attaches to the dental implant
– The health of your gums
– Whether your bite can support each added dental implant
– Which implant brand is used (some are a much higher quality than others)
– Whether the patient is a smoker or non-smoker
– How healthy the patient is (some conditions could affect dental treatment success)

However, as well as keeping your dental implants clean, we believe the single most important thing you can do after treatment is to ensure you attend your regular check-ups at our dental centre. During a visit, our Manchester team will assess the condition of your teeth, gums and site of each implant, ensuring we tackle any problems early. For example, if there are signs that you grind your teeth (that weren’t picked up before), we may recommend you wear a gum shield to help protect the implants.

What Are the Other Benefits of Dental Implants?
If you’re thinking about having a dental implant treatment to replace missing teeth, you may be wondering why this is such a popular solution. At our dental centre in Manchester, we provide this treatment to many patients throughout the year, and even dentists themselves visit us to have this specialist procedure.

Benefits of dental implant treatments include:

  • It’s a tried and tested treated procedure that’s renowned in the dental industry for its high-quality, natural-looking results.
  • Find a more permanent solution to dentures to create a perfect, full smile one again.
  • When having a single dental implant fitted, there’s no need to cut back teeth, unlike some other treatments.
  • Patients often feel more confident after the dental implant treatment, helping them to laugh, chat and eat without feeling conscious of gaps or how they move their jaw.
  • Ensure your bite is as stable as possible and provide your teeth with a better jawbone structure.
  • Create a strong, stable base for crowns to attach, supporting them for many years.
  • Get a discount if you’re having more than one dental implant in a single procedure at our Manchester centre.

What Is a Bone Graft for Implants?
A bone graft is often a much simpler procedure than you would expect, used to bulk out existing parts of the jawbone. When you come into our specialist dental centre in Manchester, we’ll perform an extensive assessment of your gums, using x-rays to determine the level of bone present.

We want to ensure all the dental implants we place are long-lasting. Therefore, it’s imperative to check whether there is enough bone present to fully support the implant, especially if it will be placed in your visible smile zone. If the bone has shrunk back after you lost the tooth, we’ll advise a small bone grafting procedure. This will be carried out before the dental implant is fitted.

Do Dental Implant Treatments Hurt?
No. By choosing a dental implant specialist with the right skills and expertise, the treatment shouldn’t cause you any pain. The procedure takes place at our Manchester dental centre, and your dentist will talk you through what to expect. During the dental implant fitting, the affected areas will be numbed using a local anaesthetic, and we always ensure you remain comfortable throughout. No pain should be felt during the treatment, with gums often feeling a little tender afterwards.

Please note, sedation is available for all our cosmetic dental procedures, so if you’re very nervous about the treatment, we’re happy to discuss this option with you.

Can You Get Implants on the NHS?
Not usually. Dental implant treatments are only available on the NHS under very rare circumstances, such as teeth lost through mouth cancer. While they will need to be paid for privately in the majority of cases, the price will depend on how much work is required and the complexity of your case. However, it can help if you know a general starting point when it comes to dental implant costs.

At our dental centre, we usually say you can expect to pay at least £2,200. This would cover you for the cost of one implant, crown, plus any bone grafting required. If you need more than one implant or you’re having an alternative to crowns, prices will be discussed during your consultation.

Visit Our Implants Dental Centre in Manchester – Smile Design Specialists
At our Manchester Dental practice in the city centre, we’re considered one of the best dental services in the area. We specialise in cosmetic dentistry procedures, including our dedicated dental implants in Manchester service. We offer extensive smile design services to help you make an informed decision and recommend the best solutions for your needs. Our team covers a wide range of skills and expertise, bringing our knowledge together to give you the best dental care possible from start to finish.

Our services include:

– Smile designs
– Tooth implants
– Crowns
– Veneers
– Denture services
– Dental bridges
– Orthodontics
– Invisalign braces
– Teeth whitening
– Bonding

Located on Southern Street, our convenient practice is based close to the centre, so if you work or live near the city, we’re easy to get to. If you need any more help, just give us a call.

To book a free smile assessment or dental implant appointment, you can contact us by calling 0161 834 1000, sending a message to [email protected] or completing our short contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly. Transform your smile by visiting the 360 Dental Care clinic.

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