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14th December 2020

Dental implants Manchester reviews

Dental implants manchester reviews
If you’re looking for the best dental implants Manchester reviews, you can see some of our fantastic customer testimonials here.

If you have teeth missing or loose dentures, it can really knock your confidence and self-esteem, not to mention the problems you may find with eating. In these cases, dental implants can be a life-changing treatment that helps you achieve your ideal smile.

Our talented Manchester dentistry team will put you on the road to excellent oral health again, assessing patients as individuals and listening to their concerns. We offer you a first-class service throughout thanks to our in-house expertise, including smile design technology, bone grafting solutions and our own dental laboratory.

If you’d like to see more reviews about our dental service, take a look across our website and online.

You can book a free consultation and smile assessment now by calling the 360 Dental Care team on 0161 834 1000.

Are you considering cosmetic dentistry in Manchester? It’s important that you get tailored advice that puts your needs and oral health first. For those looking for the best service in Manchester, visit our clinic at 360 Dental Care. We offer a wide range of treatment options, including specialist dental implants. When patients visit our team for a full consultation, we’ll talk you through your options and examine your gums and teeth to find out more about what we can do for you.

If you’d like to find out more about dental implant treatments in Manchester, read on.

How Do Implants Work?
Dental implants are one of the best solutions for those with missing teeth. While you don’t need implants to have prosthetics treatments such as crowns, implants provide a lot more support for a long-lasting solution. Each implant acts like the root of the tooth, embedded into the gum tissue and jawbone thanks to the screw-like shape it has. The top of the screw is called an abutment connector, and this is where your attachment of choice (e.g. dentures, porcelain crowns or dental bridges) can be fitted securely in place. You can choose dental implants to replace multiple missing teeth or just one.

What Material Is Used for Dental Implants?
Titanium is chosen for implants thanks to its compatibility with gum tissue and the fact it can emulate real tooth roots. The metal will become a part of the mouth’s structure as the bone will naturally fuse onto the surface of the implant. This holds the dental implant securely in its new place in your gums.

Should I Choose Teeth Implants?
Whether dental implants are the right treatment for you is going to depend on what you’d like to achieve, the smile you’d like to have and the existing health of your teeth and gums. For example, if you have gum disease, this should be treated first, and you may need to consider the increased risk of dental implant failure. When you visit our Manchester dental clinic, we’ll talk you through any risk factors you have and whether it’s the right treatment for you. We never put aesthetics above your short or long-term health needs.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implant Solutions?
If you’re looking for reasons to embark on the road to achieving your perfect smile, experienced dentists will tell you all the benefits of dental implants. Both patients and dentists love this treatment for a number of reasons, including some of the following.

– Get a more permanent solution to dentures.
– Enjoy natural-looking results that can last for years.
– There are high success rates with the right dental care.
– Improve your jaw structure and support.
– Eat, talk and laugh with confidence after the treatment.
– Receive a first-class service from our Manchester dentists.

Do You Offer a Bone Grafting Service at Your Clinic?
Yes! Any patients coming in for a dental implant assessment will have x-rays completed to see how much existing bone they still have where the missing teeth are located. Unfortunately, bone loss can occur where tooth extractions occurred greater than three months ago, or there’s been trauma or gum disease. Therefore, bone grafting may be necessary to ensure you have enough bone support available for the dental implants.

Our Manchester dentists have specialist expertise in bone grafts, so they’ll advise you about whether this is an option and talk you through how it works. It’s often a small procedure to slightly bulk out the bone in height and width. This can help it to fuse with the implant better after placement.

If bone grafting is advised as part of your implant dental care plan, you’re in the best hands.

Should I Get All on 4 Dental Implants?
All-on-4 dental implants must be carried out by someone with specialist training to do so. This ensures the techniques used are of the highest standards in the dental industry, including any aftercare advice given. The procedure involves inserting implants in the upper and lower jaws, where there are no teeth present. Therefore, it’s a suitable treatment for those with no teeth, loose dentures or decayed teeth which need extracting. This treatment is also known as ‘Teeth in a Day’, which is what we often refer to it as at our dentistry clinic in Manchester.

This type of implant treatment is suitable for patients:

– With low self-confidence due to loose dentures or decayed/missing teeth
– Who have a failing bridge from a previously undergone procedure
– Wanting fixed teeth solutions
– Who would love to restore their smile
– Who don’t want extensive bone augmentation

The Teeth in a Day or All-on-4 procedure involves replacing a whole arch or both arches where the teeth are missing or failing. Several implants are required (6 in the upper jaw, 4 in the lower jaw) to ensure adequate support is provided for the fixed bridge, which will be attached once the implants have settled. Until then, a temporary bridge can be worn.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the UK?
Are you looking for more information about the cost of dental implants in a UK clinic? This type of dentistry is incredibly specialised, so it’s not often available on the NHS unless you have particular circumstances such as losing teeth after oral cancer. This is because there are other solutions for missing teeth which are subsidised by the NHS that allow you to maintain your oral health without the need to use dental implants. No treatment is free of charge, so you’ll need to finance the implants privately if you don’t qualify for NHS assistance.

At our Manchester dental clinic, we pride ourselves in offering patients affordable, high-quality treatments that put your oral health first. It’s impossible to say how much an individual will have to pay for their dental implant treatment until they’ve been assessed by our expert dentists. This is because the health of your teeth and gums, the number of missing teeth and other treatments you need to create the perfect smile must be taken into consideration. Once this has been completed, we can provide you with a clear quote.

For those wanting a single implant with a minor bone graft and crown fitted, the starting cost is usually about £2,200.

How Much Are Implants Abroad?
When looking for cheap treatment options for your dental care, you may be considering having dental implants abroad. Dental tourism is on the rise, with some heading over international waters to get a better price for treatments. However, when it comes to low cost dental implants, there are lots of considerations to think about.

This includes:

– How many trips you’d have to take – dental implants take place over several procedures. Remember to factor in the costs of the flights, overnight stays and income lost through time off work. For this treatment length, you’d have to travel in your free time.
– What guarantees they offer should the implants fail. If they use low-quality materials or don’t use the best techniques, UK dentists may not be able to help if anything goes wrong.
– Whether the practice you use has genuine customer reviews and whether they are licensed to perform the treatment.
– The risks involved when receiving any form of dental or medical treatment in another country, including different quality standards and language barriers.
– Any hidden costs involved – e.g. things they claim are free may not be, or they may not have told you about additional requirements.

The safest, most reliable way to ensure you get the best services available is to visit your local UK dental implant specialist.

How Can I Ensure My Implants Last?
With the right dental care at our Manchester clinic, patients are in with a good chance of their implants lasting for years. The road to success has many different factors involved, including the quality of dental implant used and the existing condition of your teeth, jawbone and gums.

Risks such as a lack of stable bite, teeth grinding, poor gum health, inadequate bone support and your general health could affect the chances of success. Your dentist will talk to you about risks factors you have, including any medical conditions or lifestyle factors which could increase risks, such as smoking, diabetes and low Vitamin D levels.

However, two of the most important actions patients can take after receiving Manchester dental implants is to perform excellent oral hygiene practices as advised by your dentists and hygienist, as well as attending your check-ups. Combined, this helps to keep implants in the best condition and detect issues as early as possible.

Looking for Dental Implant Specialists? Visit 360 Dental Care in Manchester
If you’re hoping to find the best practice offering dental implants in Manchester, the search is over. Enjoy a free consultation through our virtual smile assessment service. We specialise in all types of cosmetic dentistry work, from porcelain crowns and veneers to our expert dental implant clinic. We want to help patients get on the road to achieving their perfect smile. Our restorative treatments are well known in the Manchester area, transforming the smiles and confidence of our patients.

By working with 360 Dental Care on your oral health:

– Enjoy excellent customer service throughout every treatment.
– Receive high-quality treatments using the latest products, materials and technology.
– Get smile design expertise to help you visualise your new smile.
– Access general and specialist dental care services.
– Expect long-term and discreet looking results.

If you have any worries, we’ll guide you through each process step by step with lots of resources available to help our patients understand the different treatment available. This includes photographs, videos and guides. To book an appointment to discuss dental implants or other services, get in touch today.

Please note, all content rights reserved to 360 Dental.

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