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14th December 2020

Dental implants Manchester UK

If you need a dental implants Manchester UK specialist, speak to the team at 360 Dental Care. We offer long-term, discreet solutions for patients with missing teeth, helping you to create a smile you can be proud of.

We use the Prama dental implant system thanks to its quality implants and long-lasting results, offering a superior performance. Our patients love their natural appearance, and our team will guide you through the process so that you feel well looked after and informed throughout. Our team consists of different experts, all bringing their specialist skills and knowledge to our practice to ensure we offer first-class services to every patient.

We also provide a wide number of other cosmetic dentistry solutions to our Manchester dental patients, including crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, gum disease treatment plans, Invisalign braces, bonding and more.

To book a smile assessment with our Manchester team, call our local dental practice today on 0161 834 1000.

Are you considering dental implants in Manchester? To achieve your ideal smile, it’s essential you get the right advice and support from day one. If you have missing teeth (one or multiple teeth), implants dental treatments are one of the best types of oral surgery to have if you’re looking for long-term solutions. It addresses the lack of tooth roots, providing robust support for prosthetics such as crowns.

Book a visit to our Manchester dental clinic for a full consultation. However, we’ve also addressed some of your burning questions below to get you started.

What Are the Options for Missing Teeth?
If you have one or more missing teeth, there are several treatment options available to you. This includes implant-retained dentures, dental bridges and crowns. However, dental implants are one of the best and most popular solutions for those looking for the most comfortable, long-lasting solutions.

Why Choose Teeth Implants?
Patients choose dental implant treatments for a variety of reasons, whether they have one missing tooth caused by a sports injury or they’ve lost teeth through gum disease or decay. There’s a multitude of benefits available when choosing teeth implants, including:

  • Replace one or all of your teeth with high-quality dental implants.
  • Eat, speak, laugh and smile again without feeling subconscious about gaps in the teeth.
  • Ensure crowns, dentures and bridges have the best support in place, replacing the root of the tooth.
  • Dental implants are also a great alternative if you’re fed up of loose dentures or can’t get on with removable solutions.
  • Enjoy natural-looking, discreet solutions that emulate the appearance of real teeth.
  • Improve your overall oral health and hygiene with our expert help.

Our Manchester dental experts rebuild mouths and confidence every day, so if you’d like to find out more about our trusted dental implant treatments, contact us now.

What Does a Dental Implant Look Like?
A dental implant is shaped like a screw, made from high-quality titanium. This type of metal is widely used in the body (including hip and knee replacements!) because it’s compatible with the different tissues in the body. When used for a dental implant, titanium is embedded into the gum and jawbone where the tooth is missing. It’s then left for a few weeks or months to settle in its new home in the mouth.

During this time, the bone actually grows onto the surface of the dental implant, holding it firmly in place so that it feels secure within the gum and jawbone. Essentially, it acts like a real tooth root, forming the base for which another structure can be attached. This is often a beautiful porcelain crown that matches your natural teeth, connecting to the dental implant via an abutment.

How Do I Know If Implants Are Right for Me?
If you want to know for sure whether dental implants are right for you, you need to book a consultation with a dental practice offering this treatment. This will give you the chance to talk through your worries with an experienced dentist who can then assess your mouth to check its current condition. They’ll present you with all the options available to you.
At 360 Dental Care, as well as free virtual smile assessments to put you on the right track, we offer thorough consultations so that we can recommend the best treatment plans for our Manchester dental patients.

If you’re considering dental implants in Manchester, we have lots of information to help you make your decision, including before and after photographs and dental implant guides. Our specialists offer smile design expertise too, which involves creating a digital mock-up of your mouth with the dental implants in place. This ensures our treatments are predictable and helps our patients to visualise the results they can expect.

We always put your health before anything else, so if we feel a dental implant treatment isn’t the right option for you, we’ll talk you through the reasons why, as well as viable alternatives.

How Much Are Dental Implants in the UK?
Before you have a dental implant treatment, your dentist will always check your oral health to see if you’re suitable for the procedure.

Patients often want to know how much dental implant treatments cost, but this can only be given once you’ve been properly assessed. For example, some people may have just one missing tooth, while other patients have multiple teeth to be replaced. Some may also require other treatments alongside the dental implants, such as tooth extractions, hygiene services, bone grafting or teeth whitening. The cost of dental implants is therefore going to depend on each patient’s individual needs.

At 360 Dental, we’ll always try to keep things clear and transparent from the start, letting you know the full costs you can expect for any treatment you have with us. We’ll need to assess your teeth and gums so that we can make the right treatment plan for your needs. However, as a starting figure, one tooth implant with an abutment and crown, plus small bone grafting before the procedure will cost about £2,200.

How Do I Get Dental Implants on the NHS?
When patients need oral surgery, the first place they turn to is NHS treatments, but unfortunately, dental implant treatments are only covered under rare circumstances. That’s because there are non-implant options available as part of NHS-subsidised dental treatments, such as crowns, bridges and dentures. Patients who may qualify for NHS dental implants include those who have missing teeth caused by:

– Facial trauma
– Oral cancer
– Genetic conditions

Speak to your Manchester dental implant specialist if you think you meet the criteria for NHS dental care.

Can I Get Dental Implants at a Dental School?
It takes years for dentists to become fully qualified and experienced in their field, especially if offering specialist cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental implant treatment services. You may have come across dental schools that provide free restorative treatments, but dental implants are something only offered in limited circumstances as it’s such a specialist treatment.

For an implant treatment to have the best chance of success, it often depends on the skill of the dentists and the quality of materials used, so this is something to take into consideration. If something goes wrong after dental school work, you may not be covered by any guarantees or have support offered to you.

Therefore, most patients opt to receive their treatment at a reputable implants dental clinic.

Should I Get All-on-4 Dental Implants?
Have you heard of all-on-4 dental implants? This is where patients receive full-arch fixed implant bridges, which are supported by 4 to 6 implants. If you’ve been looking at this type of dental treatment, please speak to our Manchester specialists. They’ll assess your teeth and gums and talk you through the pros and cons of some of the options you’d like to discuss.

At 360 Dental Care, our Manchester dentists offer a ‘teeth in a day’ solution if you have loose dentures, no teeth or ones which are heavily decayed and need removing. During the morning session, we fix six dental implants in the upper jaw and four in the lower. You’ll then have a break while we create your new teeth in our onsite laboratory. In the afternoon, your new teeth are fixed securely to the dental implants. Once the implants have fused with the jawbone and your gums have healed properly, a permanent bridge is made using porcelain teeth.

Will I Need a Bone Graft Before My Dental Implant Procedure?
A small percentage of dental implant placements fail, so it’s vital that everything is done to decrease the chances of this occurring. As part of your initial assessment, your Manchester dentist will check how much bone support you already have as it can sometimes shrink back once teeth have been lost. If there isn’t enough bone present, it won’t grow onto the surface of the dental implant and provide it with the support it needs to stay in place. This is when your dentist will recommend bone grafting.

Our specialists will talk your through what a bone graft involves, but it’s often a minor procedure which we’ll complete before your dental implant treatment. We build on the existing bone present using a ‘bottle bone’ technique, bulking up what’s there so that it can fuse more easily with the implant.

What Type of Implants Do You Use?
We use Prama implants as we consider them the best system available for this type of treatment. The advanced design of the implant has been carefully created to ensure that the gum is actively encouraged to attach to its surface, leading to greater success rates. The attachment also reduces the risks of peri-implantitis around the dental implant, which could lead to it failing if this developed.

Prama implants:

– Are Certified Clean by the independent Clean Implant Foundation
– Reduce potential infections around the implant and gums
– Have a gold-coloured neck to prevent dark gum areas
– Are renowned for their quality and reliability

Speak to our dental team if you would like to know more.

What Are Dental Implant Risk Factors?
Implants are a trusted, well-established treatment, but their long-term success will depend on multiple factors. This includes:

  • Health of gums – If you’ve had previous gum disease or issues, it could increase the risks of implant failure. Any existing problems must be treated before an implant treated can be considered.
  • Quantity and quality of bone – Having a satisfactory amount of quality bone available to fuse with the implant impacts on the chances of success. Bone grafting is a solution if there’s not enough bone, or we can offer other solutions if this isn’t possible.
  • Smoking and health – Factors such as smoking, diabetes and low levels of vitamin D could increase the risk of implant failure.
  • Your bite – Implants should not be overloaded, so the stability of your bite will be considered before the treatment. We also offer solutions for those with teeth grinding habits.

Visit 360 Dental Care in Manchester – Specialist Dental Implant Treatments
Our dentists in Manchester are highly trained, qualified and experienced, which is why our patients come back to use our services over any other practices in the areas. We offer a free consultation and smile assessments over Zoom, and we can also send you photographic guides for any treatment you need at our Manchester clinic.

We bring together some of the best expertise in the industry to ensure you get quality dental solutions. For natural-looking, beautiful results that last, we have fantastic knowledge and expertise available, including our smile design technology, onsite laboratory and bone grafting solutions. We work with world-class technicians to offer our patients outstanding results.

Are you looking for the best services for dental implants? Contact us now to arrange an appointment with our team.

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