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14th December 2020

Implant Manchester

If you’re looking for long-term solutions to replace missing teeth, access our implant Manchester services. Our specialists have decades of experience in the field, offering professional cosmetic dentistry in the local area.

Transform your smile with our high-quality dental implants from Prama. Their carefully designed structure has been developed to actively encourage the gum and bone tissue to attach to the surface, fixing them in place. Our patients love the natural look of each dental implant and can laugh, speak and eat with confidence once again.

As part of our cosmetic and general dental services, we also offer smile design expertise, Invisalign clear braces, gum disease treatments, crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, bonding and orthodontics.

To get in touch with the 360 Dental Care team, call our offices now on 0161 834 1000.

Are you looking to invest in dental implants in Manchester to help you achieve your perfect smile? This is the best choice for many people who have missing teeth, addressing the loss of the roots, which are needed to support prosthetics such as porcelain crowns in the mouth.

We’ve answered lots of your dental implant questions below, but please contact us if you’d like a free virtual smile assessment or an appointment with our dentists in Manchester to discuss options further.

Introduction to Dental Implants – Missing Teeth Replacements
If you’re missing a tooth or multiple teeth, a long-lasting solution to consider is dental implant treatments. This is a highly beneficial solution that thousands of patients choose every year. If your current dentist in Manchester doesn’t offer implant treatments, you’ll need to visit a specialist practice like ours at 360 Dental.

But how do dental implants work? While they’re a specialist treatment, the implants are actually a simple concept to understand. Each dental implant acts as the root of the tooth, shaped like a metal screw to allow for easy insertion into the gum and jawbone. The top of the implant is called an abutment, and this will connect to another structure which will emulate a natural tooth. One of the most popular options dental implant patients select is a crown, but bridges and dentures can also be considered as part of the treatment.

Why Is Titanium Used for Implants?
Titanium is used for dental implants, but why has this metal been chosen for such an important role in the mouth? Firstly, it’s safe to embed into the gums, biocompatible with the jawbone structure. This means that once the dental implant has been placed, over time, the bone will fuse to it. That’s why titanium is also used for many other areas of medical prosthetics, such as knee and hip replacements. This type of dental implant is perfect for replacing a lost tooth’s root system, becoming a stable base for other structures such as crowns.

What Are the Benefits of Having an Implant Fitted?
Dental implants are one of the most popular solutions for those searching for long-lasting tooth replacements. At our dental care practice in Manchester, some of our patients are dentists themselves, trusting our specialists to offer them the very best oral surgery solutions.

Benefits of Manchester dental implant treatments include:

  • RESTORING SMILES – Find natural-looking solutions to replace teeth, whether you have one gap present or need every tooth restored.
  • FIXED IN PLACE – Many patients love the stable feel of implants in their mouth compared to removable dentures.
  • RELIABLE – Every year, thousands of patients in the UK choose dental implant treatments thanks to their reliability, providing a strong and stable base for crowns, bridges or dentures.
  • IMPROVED ORAL HEALTH – As well as restoring smiles, dental implants can help to improve your jawbone structure, which may have shrunk back after the teeth were lost.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of dental implant solutions and how they could improve your oral health, our experienced Manchester dentists will give you lots of information about the treatment. There are also many details about dental implants on our website, including before and after photographs, FAQs and helpful videos.

Who Are Dental Implants Suitable For?
When looking at dental in Manchester services, it’s always important to assess whether you’re right for the treatment. Dental implants are a fantastic solution for patients with:

– One or more teeth missing (e.g. through oral trauma, gum disease or decay)
– Healthy gums
– Good overall health


When you come to our practice to discuss dental implants in Manchester, we’ll always start by discussing your dental history and concerns, followed by a detailed examination of your teeth and gums, including x-rays. This will give us more information to determine the best treatment plan going forward.

It’s vital that health is never sacrificed for the sake of your smile, so our Manchester specialists will only recommend treatments right for your needs. If dental implants aren’t the best course of action, we’ll talk you through the alternatives.

Should I Choose Crowns, Bridges or Dentures?
There are multiple solutions available when opting for a dental implant treatment, including bridges and crowns. So what’s the difference?

  • Crowns: When you choose a cosmetic specialist like 360 Dental Care, we’ll find discreet and natural-looking options to restore your smile. Crowns are one of the most popular choices to pair with dental implant placements as they look like real teeth, especially when made in our state-of-the-art laboratory. If you’re worried about the crown standing out amongst your other teeth, we can also provide whitening services so that it achieves uniformity across the mouth. This is often preferred by those who will have crowns fitted in the visible smile zone section of their teeth.
  • Dental bridges: At our dental practice, we offer several types of bridges. This includes no preparation and natural tooth bridges. For the no preparation option, these long-lasting bridges are quick and easy to place, having tooth coloured wings to help them blend in seamlessly in the mouth. Many patients choose this option as the other teeth don’t need to be prepared for the bridge to be fitted. However, some people prefer natural tooth bridges. This involves extracting a loose tooth to be treated, before it’s placed and fixed to the teeth either side of the newly formed gap. However, they’re not as long-lasting as the no preparation bridges.
  • Implant-retained dentures: Another option when considering dental implant treatments is dentures. These are removable restorations, so are ideal for those who will find it difficult to clean teeth, have very little supporting jawbone or are looking for cheaper alternatives to bridges and crowns. The dental implant fittings will need to be placed in several positions along the upper and lower jaws, giving enough areas for the dentures to clip onto their surface. It creates a highly sturdy base for the dentures, allowing you to unclip them for cleaning.

Whether you want removable or fixed restorations, ensure you book a consultation with our dedicated dental implant team.

How Long Until I Can Have My Crowns Fitted?
While we know that our Manchester dental patients will be keen to complete the implant treatment, it’s vital that the implant is given time to settle before moving onto the crown fitting. You’ll receive check-ups to assess how successful the implantation has gone, and whether the bone is fusing with it as expected. Once the dental implant has stabilised, which can take anywhere between a few weeks to several months, the crown can be fitted in a separate treatment session. This will be attached to the abutment at the top of the implant.

Will the Implants Be Visible in My Mouth?
If you want the most natural-looking oral surgery solutions, it’s vital you use a specialist with plenty of experience in the treatment you need. At 360 Dental Care, our Manchester experts have worked hard to ensure we have dental implants available that not only surpass the standards expected by many patients but will blend in seamlessly with your new smile.

The products we’ve chosen are Prama implants, made to the finest quality in Italy. Their superior design includes various features which reduce the chances of the dental implant failing. They also come with a gold-tinged neck that doesn’t shine through gums like a lot of other dull colours do. Other implants which are completely grey in colour, do tend to leave darkened areas visible through the gums.

If you’d like to see what the dental implants we use look like in reality, we have plenty of images of patients who have had the treatment.

Do You Offer Smile Design Services?
Absolutely! Our dentist Manchester practice is a smile design centre, which is an essential part of the cosmetic dentistry process. It’s the best way to relieve your fears and feel part of the decision process, working closely with your dentists to design the ideal smile for you. For most of our patients, we can provide a mock-up of what the results will look like.

Even in the most complex of cases, we can provide smile design expertise to help patients visualise final outcomes. This usually involves the use of digital smile design technology, which is a bit like a 3D architectural model of the mouth.

Not only does smile design help to improve the predictability of results, but our Manchester patients enjoy understanding how their new teeth will look.

Will Teeth Implants Be Covered By My NHS Treatment Plan?
While many types of oral surgery are available on the NHS, dental implants aren’t usually included, so they’re considered a private dental solution. That said, if the cost of your treatments is normally covered by NHS reductions, don’t rule out implant solutions. Cheaper alternatives could cost you more in the long run if they don’t last as long as dental implants, or you don’t get on with them.

The price of a dental implant treatment will be determined by several influencing factors. This includes how many teeth need replacing, the complexity of the implantation process, which tooth replacements you want and any other services you’d like, such as tooth whitening or bone grafting.

At 360 Dental Care in Manchester, we believe in offering high-quality, affordable dental treatments to help provide more options for all our patients. When you come in for your dental implant consultation, we’ll assess your mouth, gums and teeth, discussing the possible solutions that you’d like to pursue. We can then give you an accurate quote to consider with no pressure from us to commit until you’re ready. As a starting point, the current price a patient needing small bone grafting, one implant, abutment and crown can expect to pay is £2,200.

What Happens If My Dental Implant Treatment Fails?
While dental implant treatments have very good success rates, no solution is guaranteed – even your natural teeth may not last for a lifetime! The good news is that even after 5 to 10 years post-treatment, the vast majority of dental implants will still remain.

Factors which determine the success of dental implants include:

  • ORAL HYGIENE PROGRAMMES: Are you following yours? Your dentist or hygienist will talk you through the best brushing techniques for the implants and your teeth, as well as how to care for them to help them last. If you don’t attend your appointments, any guarantees you have for treatments may be invalidated.
  • GUM PROBLEMS: We recommend dental implants for those with healthy gums, so if there’s any form of disease still present, this needs to be tackled first, or it could cause the implants to fail.
  • JAWBONE SUPPORT: There needs to be enough bone present to fuse to the implant surface. If this isn’t the case, bone grafting is often advised to help bulk up the existing bone and give the dental implants the best support.
  • DENTAL IMPLANT QUALITY: Dental implants which don’t have a high-quality rating should be avoided as they could contaminate easily or fail to fuse with the bone. That’s why we use Prama implants.
  • HEALTH & LIFESTYLE: Your dentist will ask you about certain elements of your medical history which could make it more likely for dental implants to fail, such as diabetes. They’ll also advise you about other factors which could influence whether implants fail, including smoking and sugar in the diet.

Your Manchester dentist will also assess your teeth’s bite to ensure it won’t overload the dental implants once they’re in place.

Looking for an Implant Specialist? Visit Our Manchester Practice
At 360 Dental Care, our staff welcome patients to our practice to find solutions which will be tailored to their needs, including cosmetic and general dental options. We offer a wide range of trusted services, from our high-quality dental implants to Invisalign braces. Nervous patients will be pleased to know we have sedation available for surgery if you would prefer. However, we ensure you’re comfortable throughout every procedure, so most of our patients don’t opt for this.

Our team will guide you through the implants dental process from start to finish, starting with a free consultation which is usually a virtual smile assessment so that we can recommend which of our solutions could be right for you.

We have lots of information posted across our website, and we’re available for appointments.

To book a Manchester dental implant consultation, get in touch now.

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