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12th January 2021

Invisible Braces Manchester

If you’re looking for the best invisible braces Manchester has to offer, we’re here to help. At our specialist Invisalign Manchester dental practice, we offer affordable, accessible services to our patients, as well as a wide range of other cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Invisalign are clear braces that work to achieve straighter teeth. You can access this treatment plan as a standalone service or as part of a smile makeover. All our solutions are tailored to your needs, so you’ll always feel well-informed before you make a decision about whether to go ahead.

For all teeth straightening Manchester services, contact us today by calling 0161 834 1000.

Manchester Invisalign Solutions
Do you want straighter teeth? Invisalign offers some of the world’s most popular invisible braces. Clear in colour, they’re often preferred over many other types of metal fixed braces such as conventional or lingual braces. Each aligner tray has been created with comfort in mind, fitting over the teeth like a gum shield to encourage the teeth via pressure to move into their new position over time.

Why Choose Invisalign Braces in Manchester?
Some of the benefits of choosing invisible braces Manchester include:

– Proven teeth straightening treatment
– Predictable results with smile design
– Custom made for your goals
– Solve a range of issues
– Clear braces with a discreet appearance
– Removable trays for easy cleaning
– Improved oral hygiene
– Smooth texture (so won’t catch gums)
– Enhanced comfort
– Fewer check-ups at our Manchester practice

Are Invisible Braces Manchester Right for You?
If you would like to create your perfect smile, it’s important to book a Manchester dental consultation so that your orthodontic treatment specialist can assess everything from the condition of your teeth and gums to your bite. This may involve a detailed clinical examination and x-rays to give us a clearer idea about the types of treatment most suitable for you.

If an Invisalign Manchester treatment is going to help you to meet your aims, we’ll let you know more about the process and what it involves. Rest assured, we never pressure our patients to make a decision. If invisible braces aren’t the best treatment option for you, we’ll explain why and suggest alternative solutions.

What Does an Invisalign Treatment Do?
Are you looking for Invisalign clear braces in Manchester? This treatment can help straighten wonky smiles, close gaps and address issues with your bite. This includes overbites, underbites, open bites and crossbites, realigning the teeth. Help your smile to look and feel better while reducing common issues such as tooth decay, issues with eating (e.g. how you chew and bite) and headaches.

How Do Your Invisible Clear Braces Get Fitted?
One of the best parts about choosing Invisalign services at our Manchester practice is gaining access to our smile design expertise. This allows you to see your new smile before we order your Invisalign aligners, ensuring they’re made to create the smile you want by slowly encouraging teeth to move in the desired direction.

The process involves scanning your teeth to create a computerised 3D model, where we can use ClinCheck software to modify the results. Once you’re happy, your scans are sent to Invisalign, where they will produce your bespoke invisible braces.

How Does the Treatment Work?
This Manchester treatment may take around 12 to 18 months to complete, but this can be much shorter if you don’t have complex issues and use the aligners correctly. Please note, it can take a few days or up to 2 weeks to get used to them in your mouth.

After we fit your first tray, you’ll need to change them about once a week if they’re working, and we see you every 6 to 8 weeks at our Manchester clinic to assess the progress. Some tooth modifications may be recommended if we feel crooked teeth need further encouragement to move into the right places.

Please keep aligners in for at least 22 hours a day, removing when you need to brush your teeth or make eating and drinking easier.

After the treatment, you could have further aligners made to enhance the result. You can also choose whitening or other cosmetic dentistry services in Manchester if you would like a full smile makeover treatment.

Do You Offer Lingual Braces?
At 360 Dental Care in Manchester, we offer and advise about an array of treatment plans, including fixed and Invisalign braces. Lingual braces are also fixed, but they’re attached to the inside of the teeth. However, we feel an Invisalign treatment is often the best option thanks to the array of benefits available.

Invisalign Braces Manchester Dental Practice – Call Us Today
If you’re looking for an Invisalign braces Manchester practice, contact us today for a treatment consultation.

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