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14th December 2020

Manchester Dental Implant

Are you searching for the right Manchester dental implant centre near you? Whether you have a missing tooth you want to restore, or several missing teeth lost through gum disease, 360 Dental Care in Manchester is here for your needs.

At our city centre dental clinic, we’ll guide you through which long term options are most suitable for your situation, finding the best oral surgery treatment to restore your smile. We offer first-class care throughout, providing clear and honest advice about solutions that meet your needs.

To book a consultation with our dental care team, call now on 0161 834 1000.

Are you thinking about getting dental implants in Manchester? You’d probably like to know a little more about the implant procedure, what to expect and the costs involved. Most of our dental implant patients have a lot to ask when they visit our Manchester clinic. Therefore, it can be helpful to read through some of the most frequently asked questions about dental implants before you attend. If you need more advice, or you would like an implants dental smile assessment, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How Do Dental Implants Work?
A dental implant treatment is a type of oral surgery with the purpose of replacing missing teeth. The natural root will need to be replaced for this to happen, so the implant consists of a metal screw made from titanium. Implants can be used for a single gap in the mouth or to restore multiple teeth within one treatment, depending on the individual needs of our patients.

During the dental implant treatment, the titanium implant will be inserted into the jawbone at the site of the missing teeth. This type of metal is usually chosen for teeth implants because it fuses to the gum tissue more easily, and the natural bone will grow onto the surface to hold it in place.

While the dental implant functions as the root, the top of it is called an abutment. This is the bridge that will connect to something else which will need to act like the rest of the tooth. A great choice for this is porcelain crowns, popular for their reliability and natural appearance.

Why Are Tooth Implants So Popular?
If you’ve been looking for the right dental implant practice in Manchester, you may be wondering about the benefits of the treatment. Here are some of the top reasons why dental implants are chosen by our patients.

  • Implants are the ideal solution for replacing loose or missing teeth.
  • You can even replace just one tooth with a single implant.
  • Stop using dentures and swap them for more long-term solutions.
  • Increase your confidence when you smile and talk.
  • Feel more comfortable when eating and drinking.
  • Ensure your healthy teeth are better supported.
  • Improve your overall oral health.
  • Enjoy the natural look and feel of dental implants and crowns.

What Is the Cost of Dental Implant Treatments?
Many people like to know more about how much they can expect to pay when booking an implant treatment. The cost of dental implants is going to differ from patient to patient at our Manchester clinic as the number of implants and the complexities of each case will vary. However, a general starting point for the price of one dental implant and bone graft, plus the abutment connection and crown fitting will be approximately £2,200.

For multiple implants, we usually offer a discount. Once we’ve provided you with a full assessment at our Manchester dental practice, we’ll always provide you with a better idea of the costs you can expect if you decide to go ahead.

Is an Implant Treatment Right for All Patients?
To understand whether dental implants are a suitable treatment, it’s important to get an initial assessment. The best way to ensure a dental implant procedure is the right choice for you is to chat through your situation with a professional at a specialist dental practice who can tailor advice to your requirements.

During your dental assessment, your dentist will take a look at your existing teeth and gums, talking you through any problems you’ve been having with your teeth. If they think you’re a dental implant candidate, they will discuss the procedure with you in detail, including the risks involved and how successful they feel the treatment will be.

Dental implants are usually recommended for those with healthy gums (and are in good general health), so it may not be a suitable option for all dental patients. Health should never be sacrificed for the sake of a smile, but luckily, we have lots of different solutions if implants aren’t a viable option right now. For example, we may need to focus on other aspects, such as tackling any gum disease first.

Will a Bone Graft Be Required?
A small number of dental implants fail, so it’s essential that our Manchester dental specialists assess the site where each implant will be fitted. When you lose teeth, the bone can start to recede, especially if you’ve had long-standing gum issues or oral infections. There needs to be enough bone still present at the site so that your dentist feels confident it will grow onto the dental implant to hold it tightly in its new place.

If there’s not enough adequate bone where the teeth are missing, we’ll advise you to have a bone graft, which we’ll talk you through the details of. By replacing the missing bone, it reduces the chance of the dental implant failing, increasing the height and width of the bone as necessary.

If a bone graft isn’t the right option, but you require more support in your mouth for the dental implant procedure, there are a few other options we can discuss with you.

Which Dental Implants Do You Use?
There are several different types of dental implant, but we use Prama implants for our Manchester patients. We consider these dental implants to be the very best option, thanks to their smart design which actively encourages your natural gum to attach to it and protect the bone. They’ve been ‘certified clean’ by the Clean Implant Foundation and reduce the chances of gum disease forming. This ensures your dental implants have the best chance of lasting once in situ. We also feel the design creates a natural look, something many of our patients enjoy about Prama implants.

Can I Have Sedation for the Dental Implant Treatment?
Our experienced Manchester dentists will do all they can to ensure the procedure is as pain-free as possible, and many patients report a reduction in pain afterwards when compared to how their teeth felt before. After the treatment is completed, you may experience some gum tenderness in the area.

However, if you would like sedation, this is something we can offer you for any of oral surgery procedures held at our Manchester clinic. Speak to your dentist if this is something you’d like when your dental implants are fitted.

Will My Dental Implant Last Forever?
Many patients ask us about how long each dental implant will stay for, but like natural teeth, they may not last forever. That said, by using high-quality products like our Prama dental implants combined with the experience of our Manchester dentists, we can help you reduce the chances of them failing. If well-cared for, dental implants can last for many years, with 90% remaining in a good condition for a minimum of 10 years.

After the procedure, we’ll talk you through your personalised care plan, taking into account the history of your oral health and your dental hygiene routine. If we identified any risk factors which could affect the success of the implants dental treatment, we can also go through this again and advise about ways to reduce the chances of complications arising.

Reasons Dental Implants Fail
While we can never guarantee your new dental implants will be a success for all patients, we’ll provide you with the best advice about how to reduce the risks. Like your natural teeth, implants will last for longer if you take good care of them and follow your dentist’s advice. Please note, our dental practice in Manchester will replace any dental implants that have failed within the first year or those which haven’t fused with the bone properly.

Reasons some implants fail include:

  • Lack of good assessment – Our Manchester experts will always fully assess your mouth to check it’s suitability to support dental implants. This includes your mouth’s bite and signs of teeth grinding, which we can recommend solutions for.
  • Oral health – Those patients with ongoing issues with the health of their teeth and gums (e.g. periodontal disease) have a higher chance that their implants will fail. Therefore, it’s important to address these issues when planning any type of cosmetic dentistry treatments.
  • Bone quality – It’s important for enough bone to be present to attach to the surface of the dental implant, so we may recommend a bone graft if it will dramatically increase the chances of a successful treatment.
  • Dental implant quality – Poor quality implants have lower success rates, which is why we choose Prama dental implants for our Manchester patients.
  • Smoking – Lifestyle factors can affect your general oral hygiene, so it’s important to limit things like the amount of sugar you consume. Smoking is something which can also dramatically affect the healing process where the dental implant was placed, leading to complications arising and an increased risk of implant failure.
  • Patient health – Patients with certain health conditions may be more prone to their dental implants failing, so our dentists may be able to advise about ways to counteract these risks. For example, if you’re vitamin D deficient, we can recommend some good supplements to take.

Why Choose 360 Dental Care?
Our practice is located in the heart of Manchester on Southern Street, so we’re conveniently placed for patients to access our local cosmetic dentistry services.

Our treatments include our specialist services for dental implants, helping to rebuild both smiles and confidence. We offer dental implants for those who need one tooth replaced as well as anyone needing several teeth replaced. Whatever your circumstances, we’ll provide you with the best restorative treatments suitable for your needs.

At our Manchester practice, we offer:

– High-quality Prama dental implants
– Free smile assessments
– Implant retained dentures
– Smile design expertise
– Cosmetic dentistry treatments (including crowns, veneers and bonding)
– Teeth whitening
– Reshaping and polishing
– Comprehensive orthodontics
– Invisalign braces

Our team is highly trained and experienced in all the general and specialist dental services offered here. Our smile design consultations give you a better picture of how we can restore your perfect smile, considering everything from your jaw and bite to the type of treatment suitable for your needs. We hope to help to achieve a natural-looking smile that allows you to feel confident once again.

If you’d like more advice, we’re happy to talk through our treatments, and we can offer you a virtual free consultation to find out more about your requirements. We also have lots of details across our website, including dental implant information, as well as before and after images of various treatments.

For a dental implant assessment, please book an appointment now by contacting us.

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