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12th January 2021

Manchester Invisible Braces

If you’re looking for the best Manchester invisible braces, get in touch with 360 Dental Care. We specialise in cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic treatments, offering expert care from our Manchester dental practice.

Want to create your perfect smile? Invisalign braces can solve a wide range of issues with your teeth, from overcrowding and gaps to underbites and overbites. This type of removable clear braces has been specially created to achieve effective, fast results while remaining comfortable, practical and discreet. The design is customised to your needs, gradually moving your teeth into their new position.

To book a free consultation (smile assessment) with the 360 Dental Care team in Manchester, call us today on 0161 834 1000.

What Are Invisible Braces?
If you want to reduce gaps or straighten your smile, braces are often one of the best options to consider, but your Manchester dentist will talk through a suitable treatment plan for you. If you don’t want visible fixed braces or lingual braces to achieve straighter teeth, ask your dentist about Invisalign treatment options. Because they’re clear in colour, these virtually invisible braces are highly popular as they can be removed, feel comfortable and increase your confidence when wearing braces.

What Issues Can an Invisalign Treatment Solve?
Whether you want straighter teeth, an improved bite or to reduce gaps, there are multiple issues a Manchester Invisalign treatment can solve.

Do you have overly crowded teeth? This is when there’s not enough space for your teeth to fit as they should in the jaws. By realigning the teeth with braces, it can help to reassess the balance.

If you have gaps between teeth which need closing, you may find yourself with a loose tooth if it starts to shift into the space. An Invisalign treatment can help to resolve this issue and bring teeth more tightly together for an improved smile.

When one or more upper teeth protrude over your lower set, this is called an overbite. Braces can help to correct this problem.

If one or more of your lower set of teeth protrudes in front of your upper set, this is called an underbite. Again, Invisalign braces can help correct this.

Open Bites
If your upper and lower teeth have been forced out so that they don’t touch each other, this is called an open bite. Ask your dental practice in Manchester for a consultation if you have this issue.

If one or more upper teeth bite on the inside of your lower set, this issues is called crossbite. Your Manchester dental specialist will talk you through the options, including how braces could help fix this problem.

How Do Invisalign Braces Work?
Invisalign braces use aligners, which are clear plastic trays that fit over the top of your teeth. Each clear brace is used like you would a gum shield, but the fit should feel more comfortable. As these are virtually invisible braces, they have a discreet look which allows our Manchester dental patients to feel more confident about wearing their braces. You can even remove them to eat, drink and clean your teeth.

Contact us today to book an appointment with our Manchester specialists.

How Long Do I Keep The Braces in For?
Our Manchester patients will have several Invisalign clear braces designed for the perfect fit. To create the straighter teeth you want, aligners will need to be kept in for at least 22 hours a day. The Invisalign trays should be replaced once a week, and you must do what you can to remember to wear them. Otherwise, you won’t get the results you want! You’ll need to book an appointment with our Manchester Invisalign dentist every 6 weeks to 8 weeks to monitor the progress of your treatment.

Lingual Braces vs Traditional Fixed Braces vs Invisalign Braces in Manchester
Book Manchester dental consultation to discuss the different types of braces available to you. Three of the main kinds are conventional fixed braces, lingual braces and clear braces from Invisalign. Lingual braces are also a style of fixed brace, but they’re fitted on the inside of the teeth, so are more invisible than the traditional type which are fixed to the front.

If you’re looking for the best braces in Manchester, we would highly recommend you book a consultation with us. Invisalign clear braces often have a lot of benefits over the traditional metal ones, so if this is a treatment option suitable for you, we’ll talk you through the next steps.

Benefits of Invisalign:

  • Invisible braces – Invisalign offers virtually invisible braces, which means that more of our Manchester patients feel comfortable wearing them thanks to their subtle appearance. Each clear brace fits over the top of your teeth so that you can still see your smile underneath.
  • Removable aligners – Although you will have to keep your braces in for at least 22 hours a day, they can be removed for eating, drinking and oral hygiene practices, making it easier to maintain your oral hygiene during the treatment.
  • Comfortable – Unlike metal braces, the plastic used for the aligners is smooth, meaning it won’t catch the gums. It can sometimes take up to 2 weeks to fully adjust to how aligners feel in your mouth, so we encourage you to speak with them in as much as possible.
  • Predictable results – During the consultation stages of the treatment, advanced Invisalign software is used to design your new smile so that custom-made aligners are produced specifically for you. It means the results are more predictable, and the treatment can be used as part of your overall smile design plans.

How Much Are Invisible Braces in Manchester?
If you would like clear braces or invisible braces like Invisalign, it’s important to consider the treatment costs involved. However, this can vary between cases, depending on the complexity of the issues faced. Some patients will require a longer treatment plan than others or want Invisalign braces as part of their overall smile design treatment.

What Happens at My Manchester Invisalign Treatment Consultation?
When you visit us at our Manchester dental practice, we’ll guide you through the process to create your invisible braces if that’s your chosen treatment plan. This includes:

– Scanning and creating a digital 3D model of your teeth
– Adjusting requirements using smile design technology
– Ordering your new invisible aligners
– Starting your treatment

If you’d like to arrange your free consultation (smile assessment) with our Manchester dental treatment specialists, contact us today.

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