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Eat, Drink and Smile with Confidence

Our highly skilled and experienced team help re-build mouths and confidence on a daily basis.

Whether replacing one or all of the teeth, we can help you eat, speak and smile with confidence!

Free virtual consultations & smile assessments!

Please email smile@360dentalcare.co.uk

We will send you a photographic guide and arrange a Zoom link to be sent at a time that suits you!

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a screw like replacement for a natural tooth root. They can be used to replace single teeth, multiple teeth or all of the teeth.

Why choose us?

1) The implant we use:@ We use Prama implants which we feel are the best implant available. The neck of the implant is designed to encourage the gum to attach to the it. This attachment helps prrotect the bone. Studies show this reduces the incidence of prei-implantitis (which is like gum disease around implants and can lead to them failing).

@ Prama implants are certified clean by the independent Clean Implant Foundation.
Other implants can be contaminated which can contribute to failure.

@ The neck of the prama implant is gold coloured, this prevents a dark gum area
due to shine through of the metal.

2) Team approach.An implant is a fantastic solution for a missing tooth / teeth. However, it is only a piece of the puzzle. To create a beautiful, natural and long lasting smile, knowledge and expertise on smile design, the jaw and bite, materials , biology and grafting of the bone and gums are needed. By working as a team we can capitalise on shared knowledge, experience and expertise to get the best results possible for you.

3) Our resultsWhen choosing an implant team to provide your treatment it is important to see real results. We work with world class technicians to achieve results that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Success and risk factors with dental implants

Implants are a well-established, tried and tested treatment option when it comes to tooth loss. The success rate for treatment is approximately 95% after 5 years. Success longer-term depends on many factors:

1) Gum health:Previous gum and bone problems (periodontal disease) increase the risk of implant failure. Any current gum problems must be treated and considered stable prior to placement of implants. ‘Peri-implantitis’ is gum disease affecting implants and can result in complications / failure of implants. To combat all of this, it is extremely important to maintain good oral hygiene after the implants have been placed and to have regular reviews by a dentist. A hygiene programme is essential to ensure the implants last.

2) Bone quantity and quality:An adequate quantity of good quality bone contributes to the success of implants. Gum problems, previous extractions (greater than 3 months ago) and trauma can lead to bone loss. Additional procedures by your dentist may be necessary to increase the bone available to work with. If this is not possible or desirable, aesthetic compromises are accepted, such as long teeth attached to the implants or pink gum work added.

3) Smoking:Smoking affects the bone and gum healing around implants after treatment, increasing the rate of complications and failure both in the short and longer term. For this reason, we cannot guarantee success if you are a smoker.

4) A stable bite:It’s important not to overload an implant. A certain number of implants / teeth are needed to spread the load of your bite. Therefore, the whole mouth’s health needs to be considered for long term implant success.

5) Tooth grinding:

The habit of tooth grinding will increase the forces on implants and can lead to their failure if not controlled. ‘Dental splints’ (bite guards) are often used to help protect the implants from such forces.

6) General health:Certain health problems such as diabetes increase the failure rate of implants. New research shows that low levels of vitamin D are a major risk factor for implant failure. We recommend everyone take vitamin D3 supplements (as well as K2 and a multi vitamin). Your dentist will discuss this with you.

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All our dentists use magnification, the more we can see, the higher the quality of our diagnosis and workmanship becomes. All of our team are dedicated to dental education and many of the team teach other dental professionals.

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Our team is dedicated to establishing and maintaining dental health. Our gum and root canal treatment specialists can help you keep teeth that may otherwise be lost.

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We cover a large range of services, including: Dental Implants, Dental Veneers & Invisalign