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5 star 360 dental care reviews
6 Southern Street Manchester M3 4NJ
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Tooth Whitening in Manchester

Dark Teeth?

Tooth whitening is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your smile.

There are many systems and processes that dentists use for tooth whitening, which all claim to be the best, such as Zoom or Enlighten.

Personally, we have found that at-home whitening trays seem to consistently get the best results.

So what are the advantages of a tray-based home whitening system over an in-practice process?

– It delivers equivalent, if not better, results
– Initial and subsequent treatments are inexpensive
– The process yields less sensitivity

Reviews From Our Teeth Whitening Client

My regular dentist recommended Jayme after an old veneer on my front tooth broke off. This obviously needed replacing but my usual dentist thought only Jayme would be up to the task. After visiting Jayme and telling him of my problem and other things I was unhappy with we decided on a veneer replacement with a gum lift and teeth whitening. Every visit to the practice was comfortable and relaxing and Jayme, who was aware of my discomfort with dentistry made the effort to ensure that I was completely relaxed and at ease, making sure that everything I had was pain free. My smile is now amazing, while looking completely natural and my own. I no longer feel self-conscious of my smile and am over the moon with the results. For any one who is looking to have a cosmetic dentistry to better their smile I would highly recommend Jayme to provide you with the treatment and care you need.

by Jo

I have just completed my treatment with 360 Dental Care, and could not be happier! I had a fixed brace on my upper teeth (attached to the back of my teeth, an invisible one), followed by clear retainers and a thin bonded strip to keep everything in place. Finally, they were whitened using a home whitening kit, and I had a little bonding composite added to the tips to repair all the damage done by grinding. In fact, the front two were nicely remodelled to correct the difference in width, as well. Overall it took some time to tweak and perfect, but I wasn’t in any hurry and the treatment took much less time than the fixed brace I had as a teenager.

I was previously incredibly self conscious about my teeth, and would keep them covered in every photo. I’m so relieved and happy to have a smile I can be proud of now. Jayme and the 360 team are all really friendly and approachable, which is great if you’re a nervous patient, like myself. I would absolutely recommend them to all friends and family, and will return there myself if I need any more treatment in the future. Really happy with the result, thanks guys!

by Helen

  • Keys to success?

    The most important factor in getting the best results from tooth whitening is a really well-fitting tray. Any gaps in the tray allow saliva to seep in, which reduces the effect of the whitening gels. A good quality whitening gel is also important, and the team at 360 Dental will provide you with the very best available.

  • Can I over-whiten?

    There are tales of clients, predominantly in the USA, who have ‘over whitened’ their teeth by using the highest strength gels – and using them every day. As a result, their teeth start to look glassy and grey due to increased translucency. As long as you follow the advice given from your dental professional, this will not be a concern that you face.

  • How long does the whiteness last for?

    It is important to note that tooth whitening does not last forever and that the duration of results will vary depending upon lifestyle habits and diet as well as natural tooth structure. We tend to recommend top-up treatments every three months or so.

  • Does it work on all teeth?

    Tooth whitening will not work on crowns, veneers or fillings. If you have any of these and still choose to whiten your natural teeth, it is important to know that they will no longer match. Teeth with blotches or white/brown patches may not whiten evenly. However, their overall appearance is usually improved by the whitening process despite this.

  • Does it work for everyone?

    As with any cosmetic process, tooth whitening works better for some people than others, and some clients may find that they need additional treatments. Severe tooth grinders are examples of clients who generally require a longer course of treatments in order to experience the full whitening effect.

  • Does it harm the teeth or gums?

    There’s no evidence to suggest that tooth whitening harms the teeth or gums when prescribed and administered properly, and the process can actually improve gum health. Some people do experience sensitivity during the process, but in most instances we can treat this. On rare occasions, we may have patients whose gums are hypersensitive to the gels we use, and as a result may not be able to continue with the process. Tooth whitening is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women.

  • How does it work?

    Very simply put, the gels we use release oxygen directly into the tooth, which breaks down pigments in order to ‘whiten’ the tooth.

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