What Is a bonded retainer?

When one of our patients has had some orthodontic treatment (braces to move their teeth) we usually advised them to have a fixed / bonded retainer on their teeth to provide extra stability.

A fixed / bonded retainer is a very thin piece of wire that is attached to the back of the teeth. It won’t be visible when you smile, though you will be able to feel it with your tongue. It is usually placed over the first 6 teeth.

Many dentists provide their patients with removable retainers to wear at night but we have found that it is not uncommon for teeth to shift slightly in the years after the braces come off. For this reason we have found that something fixed works best.

It is not possible to use dental floss with fixed/bonded retainers so we recommend using some form of interdental tooth brush such as a tepe. It is particularly important to do this around the gum margins.

Recent studies show no deterioration in the health of the teeth or gums after bonded retainers are left in place for 20 years provided that the area is brushed well.

Many people naturally get a build up of plaque around their lower front teeth that usually needs a professional cleaning with their hygienist usually every 6 months whether they have bonded retainers or not.

Here at 360 Dental Care the cost for a bonded retainer is £150 per arch.

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