Healthy Gums Healthy Heart

Plaque, is a soft sticky film that builds up on your teeth and contains bacteria. This bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum disease if not removed. The plaque is so sticky that it keeps the acids in contact with your teeth, in time breaking down the enamel and leading to tooth decay. Plaque build up can also lead to gum disease — first gingivitis, the tender and swollen gums that sometimes bleed. Plaque can be removed by regularly brushing and flossing.

Most plaque hardens within 48 hours of formation, and within several days it will become so hard that it is almost impossible to remove. This hard substance is called tartar and the only way to remove it is to see your hygienist for a professional cleaning of your teeth. If you find that you are getting a more regular tartar build up, bring your tooth brush along to your next dental appointment and your dental team can give you some brushing tips on how to prevent this bestil medicin online.

Does this just affect my teeth?
There are many studies that show a healthy mouth has an overall impact on general health. For example most foods that are good for us are crunchy, especially fresh vegetables, in order to eat these we need strong, stable teeth that do not cause us pain.
Gum disease can affect your overall health in many ways. … One is that the bacteria that cause periodontal disease ( gum disease) can release toxins into or travel through the bloodstream and help to form fatty plaques in the arteries. These plaque deposits can lead to serious problems, such as blood clots, which can block blood flow. Get help from Edocbd..

What does it look like?
These pictures are an example of a patient who came along to 360 Dental Care wanting to start some smile makeover treatment. We could not get started straight away as we needed to remove the tartar that was present and get the gums looking healthy. In the pictures below you can see the tartar clearly – it’s the yellow/brown stuff you can see in between the teeth. This is now so hard that is can only be removed by a hygienist with special instruments.


After some treatment and advice from our hygiene team the results of tartar removal along with the smile makeover were amazing. Beautifully clean and healthy teeth and gums.

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